Mad PC

Ever since i bought this PC (2 years ago)
It randomly locks up and i mean completely locks up.
So much so i have to reset it.
It will do it in a row kind of.
It would take 8 times of restarting until the prob is solved.
But then it only lasts for a few days.
I have tried everything i can.
If i were listening to an mp3 the sound would go and the timer would say )):00 on winamp thenm audio wldnt work.
Then a few hours later it would do the whole lock up thing.

I really dont understand it?

Help wld be gr8 cheers.

Have you checked for a bios update and chipset driver updates? If not, that would be the first thing I would try. Actually, make that second. First would be go to msconfig, and turn off all non-essesential processes, reboot, and see if that helps. If it does help, start turning back on all of the process one at a time, until the problem comes back, and you will find the offender, if there is one.

How do i go about updating the BIOS?
It would need to be compatable etc wouldnt it.
I wouldnt know a site to look on though.
What chipset drivers would i need to look for?
Stopped the Background Intelligence Transfer it seems to be ok so far…

Who made your PC. Is it a custom built PC or from a manufacturer. If it’s custom, you can download the bios and chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. If it is like a dell, compaq, etc., you need to go to their website and check the support/downloads area for updates.
When you go to MSCONFIG, what all is listed there. If you can, post a screen print here.

Under the msconfig we got the service tab and start up.
that msn messenger might have caused it.
The PC is a medion make.
Intel p4.

I appreciate all this help

I could write a book on this (I robably have). Ever since would seem to indicate failing or incompatable hardware. First, I’d try MemTest to check your memory (make sure to choose the extended checks). Is the system HT? If so, try turning off the HT in BIOS and see if the reboots lessen. That would indicate a bad CPU. I’d also be sure to check disk integrity, and if none of this indicates a problem try a fresh reinstall. Viruses and Spyware can definitely cause issues. I’ve heard of people running 3dMark looped to test video, but it requires a registered version of the software. On a more basic note, in control panel I’d turn off the restart on error and Google any specific error that comes up. Also, I’d turn off any registry back up software. Good luck, these sorts of problems are hard to diagnose.

I would like to add to the previous poster. Good Anti-Spyware programs to get yourself are : Spysweeper, Ad-Aware SE, Spybot search and Destroy, and also Microsofts Anti-Spyware is pretty good. Good luck and let us know how it goes:)

S’al about Ad-Aware!!
What a wicked prog!!

I used to have a Medion, and they do have a web site with downloads/updates.

Im struggling a bit on the medion site.
I have entered the pcs serial number and on the site can see a BIOS update.
It’s really important i get the right update and BIOS version so how do i go about doing that?
This could be a start then theres other softwares on there like:

AGP Chipset Driver SiS
09.03.2004 - Version: 1.17E

Bios Update Ms 6719 V 1.0
11.12.2003 - Version: 1.15

Modem Driver Creatix Combo PCI Modem HaM V.90
Win 2000/Win 98/Win 98SE/Win ME/Win XP
15.07.2003 - Version: 4.38

Modem Driver Creatix V9x DSP Data Fax Modem
Win 2000/Win 98/Win 98SE/Win ME
15.07.2003 - Version: 4.4

Modem Driver Creatix V9x DSP Data Fax Modem.

15.07.2003 - Version: 4.60.2


I have a Geforce MX440 Gfx card which i have tried to update many times but failed.
AC’97 Realtek or something which is already updated.

What do i need here guys?
The prob ive told u about? Can you think of what i mostly would need?
It’s just it will all take so long going through every single thing.

Cheerrs so far tho guys very grateful.

Not sure what model medion you have, but mine had SIS chipset and SIS NIC (onboard). As for your MX440, just download the NVIDIA drivers direct from the NVIDIA web site. Double check the model numbers as well as the serial numbers on the MEDION web site, and check your current drivers and bios from your system. If you aren’t sure how to find them, download belaric advisor and run it. It will give you tons of information about your system and the drivers you currently have installed.

Cheers i got everest.
Ill show u the BIOS info mate.
BIOS Type Award
Award BIOS Type Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
Award BIOS Message W6719M7 V1.0A 101402 12:00:00 MEDIONPC
System BIOS Date 11/12/02
Video BIOS Date 08/28/02

Company Name Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Product Information
BIOS Upgrades

So a link to a BIOS upgrade id be grateful! cheers!

Heres all the BIOS info

Program: BIOS Agent Version 3.45
BIOS Date: 11/12/02
BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS ID: 11/12/2002-SiS-651-6A6IXM4FC
OEM Sign-On: W6719M7 V1.0A 101402 12:00:00 MEDIONPC
Chipset: SiS 651 rev 1
Superio: Winbond 697HF rev 6 found at port 2Eh
CPU: Intel Pentium® 4 2800 Mhz MAX: 4000 Mhz
BIOS ROM In Socket: Yes
BIOS ROM Size: 256K
Memory Installed: 512 MB
Memory Maximum: 2048 MB
Memory Slot 01: 256 MB
Memory Slot 02: 256 MB
just been on a site, never would have dreamt you’d have to pay to upgrade the BIOS.

Any downloads, other than for your video card, should come directly from the medion web site. As long as you plug in your serial number on the support page, you should be getting the correct downloads. I did mine about a year ago, and had no problems at all. Don’t have the pc anymore. Sold it to a friend. Now that you have your current versions and dates, check for newer ones. Download all newer ones, and install them.

thanbks mate this is a big fat help to me.