Mad Max Fury Road Review


My first review with the DeUHD test license is about Mad Max Fury Road. Bad news it didn’t worked for me.:cry: I wrote with Patricio from the DeUHD support team and sent him the AACS Folder of the disc and the DeUHD log file but didn’t get an answer back yet. I can imagine that the reason why Mad Max Fury Road didn’t work for me is that I have the German 4K Ultra HD Disc of Mad Max Fury Road which uses different decryption keys than the UK Version of Mad Max Fury Road…


Still no feedback from the DeUHD support team. Hopefully the guys are all busy of cracking more UHDs for more testing. :grin:


Finally the German 4K Ultra HD Disc of Mad Max Fury Road is supported. Thanks to the DeUHD support team. :smiley: Will start ripping and post results after finishing.


Ripping was successful.

What a fabulous Tool for making 1:1 copies of UHDs which is very easy to handle. :heart_eyes: Keep looking forward to new UHD movies releasing tomorrow by DeUHD support team!!! :blush:


What was the ripping speed and which drive did you use?
I started a test with a LG WH16NS60 - reading with 3,28 MB/s, ripping time around 4:40h