Mad Dog Triple Format Burner a Benq DQ60?

I just saw a Mad Dog Triple format burner in Circuit City, pictue on the box looked like a Benq. Anybody know what drive this may be?

In the past, the Mad Dogs have been NEC rebadges.

It could be, I haven’t looked to see if NEC has added DVD-RAM support.

The specs make me think it is a NEC ND-4550.

I think it is an NEC 4550…

I have to second that. Just take a look at the emergency eject hole position. It’s much lower placed then om BenQ’s.
NEC ND-4550 it is.

To topic poster; go for a BenQ 1640. $40 at newegg :wink:

Just did a search on the mentioned NEC 4550 drive and it does look alot like the Mad Dog. Thanks for all the info. BTW I already have a DW-1640 and three DW-1620’s and love them! I just though maybe a found a new Benq to add to my collection.

So what? The drive Sony DRU-810 is using an emergency eject hole, with not the same location as the BenQ 1640.

There is no doubt, it is a NEC ND-4550. See this thread:

Easy answer; DRU-810 is a BenQ 1640 clone.
And the emergency eject hole is at same position, and so is the drive led. Link :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
The reason that you might feel this, is that on the Sony webpage the illustration used is that of the DRU-800. Despite everything else relating to DRU-810.
The 810 is definately a 1640 clone.
Sony DRU -810 click on enlarge for picture of supposed 810, it tells you it’s a jpg of the 800.
Here’s an 810, you can even see side vents.

So, where is the real picture of the Sony DRU-810A?

Right sofar zebadee…? :slight_smile: But we have also seen retouched images before haven’t we (Plextor 740).

But at the link I provided above, he will see the “right” DRU-810…

Edit. Withered, you are welcome… :smiley:

[I]BTW, I think all interested in the (MadDog) drive, that topic starter asked about, better head over to NEC forum[/I]

Hi :slight_smile:
YES! I went and posted a piccie used by overclockers, :doh: when I meant to post the piccie that you have pinto2. :iagree:
Oh! BTW I meant to agree with those about MadDog being Nec clone.

Thanks, i find out that ADCS holes is not present at the right side, so you were right.