Mad Dog rebadge of 3540 [merged]



sorry if this has been asked, but i can’t find answer. is mad dog mm rebadging the nec 3540 yet ??? may want to get another burner and would like to see what the 3540 can do, plus i don’t want to do the etalier thing if i don’t like drive. i want to buy it at retail so i can return.


This is what I found so far…


This info is already in the FAQ


One picture tells more than thousand words… :slight_smile:


Look at the FAQ, the file was sent to me by CVS, who of course is credited :wink:


sorry for lame search.

i found a really interesting article in the nec faq section,
“Q: Which other brand name drives do NEC manufacture as OEM drives?”

some people may find this info usefull.


ok fyi.
mad dog mm is now selling the 3540. just bought 1 from compusa. package looks xactly the same cept it says “double layer 8x”. also model number is slightly different, md-16xdvd9-8x. model number on drive is md-16xdvd9a4. the shelves are stocked full of them, like maybe a 4th of july sale.


Price? Do they beat Newegg’s $46?


price now is $79.00 usd. but as i said from looks of stock it may be sale priced in the usual $49.00 - $59.00 range. i prefer to buy burners at retail so i can return if i don’t like it (without the shipping and 15% restocking fee, but thats just me)


sorry i forgot to ask (since i don;t play with these nec drives too much), do the nec guru’s already have the mad dog firmware for the 3540 ??? firmware version 1.F0. lmk if its needed.


If you have a Mad Dog firmware for the 3540, please let ScorpioSoft have it so he can put it on his firmwarepage!


Yes please. You can reach me via a PM with a download link or something like that :bow:


Firmware is coming my way in the next couple of hours…cmisenko has to work first :slight_smile:
I’m just back from work… :stuck_out_tongue:


Mad Dog 1.F0 firmware is ready for download on my site (NEC 3540 page). See link in my signature. Thanks cmisenko :bow:


Differences to 1.01?

EDIT: MCSE does not like it.




this ver does have cd/speed scanning capabilities. don;t know much more about it tho. will try some burns later. since i’m only a +r guy all i have are ty t02’s and mcc004’s.


Its quite an old firmware by NEC version numbering, but it does support full bitsetting.
Thanks for sending it BTW.


no prob on sending firmware. i have gotten so much info from forum, its the least i can do. sorry bout not posting scans. i did lie tho. i went thru my blanks and i have bout 120 mcc003 (teons) these are beaters for friends and kids. my youngest is goin on holidays with her friends and i burned some dvd’s 4 her last night. i used the mcc03’s. i did do 2 with the 3540. scanned one, nothing that impressive. i think quality score (scanning on 3540) was round 95. all three of my benq’s generally burn these in the 97 range. i s/b able to post sometime this weekend. i will also try and get some ty02’s posted too. i scanned the mcc03 with the 3540, but as a matter of practice i never scan in drive that burns the dvd (seems like a conflict of interest to me). i use the liteon 1633 for scannin/rippin. i did buy this drive to get the 8x +r dl burning speed. don’t know if i’m ready to trash whats left of my dl media on this drive.


MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9A4, firmware 1F0. anydvd + clonedvd to rip. nero to burn. mcc03 (teon) burned @ 8x.