Mad Dog or BAD Dog?

Hi everyone!!
I may be a newbie, but I’m no Scooby
And so i joined this fine site you’ve got!
So if you’ll all let me and don’t try to forget me
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I know it’s terrible BUT it’s the best I could come up with on such short notice! :iagree:

Third computer, first DVD burner and diving in to this surreal world of burn, baby, burn!!

Here’s my story; Took off for a year in '01 and traveled in an RV all through the US from Key West, Florida to southern Alaska… 20,000 miles and every national park in between!!
Compiled hours of Hi-8mm video I need to convert to DVD for the kids to remember…

So I bought a Dell 8400 630 processor, 925X chipset, 512 Mb 533Mhz SDRAM, 128mb Radeon X 300 Se video card, Seagate Barracuda 160 Gb HD 1, 200 Gb HD 2 on SATA ports 0 & 1, Samsung 616E DVD-ROM optical drive and last but not least I just replaced the dell supplied DVD burner with a Mad Dog MD-16X DVD9.

I had twice attempted to install the Plextor 716A but both times the unit failed to work. Clean installed XP pro wt Media center '05 to no avail. Apparent conflict with Samsung b/c worked fine with the Sam unplugged.

I’ve read somewhere that this Mad Dog is the NEC 3500a incarnate(identical hardware) and it jumped right into action on boot-up!! So I’m impressed…somewhat.

I would like to know if any forum regulars have any take on this newcomer??

A search showed nothing on this site regarding this drive and would sure appreciate some info, if available.

I’ll search but I also need to find out how to perform a scan to check out burning capabilities and performance… So sorry for the lengthy post… Thanks so much, Michael

The NEC 3500 has been discontinued for some time, much to the chagrin of those who missed purchasing one. Mad Dog used to be NEC but I am not sure now what they are. The current NEC 3520 is cheap at so the riek of an unknown at Mad Dog is not worth it. For drive selections look here:

Your poetry is better than anything I could do. Cursed linear thinking.


If the model number on your maddog dvd burner is MD-16XDVD9A2 then you have a NEC3520. I bought one awhile back.
The box, by its specs and model number implies it’s a NEC3500.

So far its working very good for me. I’m using Fujifilm 8x DVD+r with the latest firmware 16XDVD9A2_FW_1F3.exe.

I had a bit of a problem with read buffer fluctuations when burning with DVD decrypter, but after i changed it from slave to master on the 2nd Ide channel i have had no problems burning. The disks play with no problem on my Toshiba dvd player.



I have the Maddog (NEC3500). I love it. It is a great reader, and does great burns… Just can’t get it to bitset yet…

Thanks for the info RmF, chas0039. I wish I’d have posted sooner cause that link has started me wondering if I should wait for the BenQ 1640 to be available… 50% of freaks like the BenQ; gotta be something there!

I would give your mad dog a little more of a chance. Based on the model number it should be a 3500 and the 3500 is one hell of a good burner. You can find out a little more about it in this forum.
Also, check your firmware and update to 2fc (or thier may be a beter one by now). Thier is also the option of hacked firmwares of course. As far as scanning, you can download cdspeed (free) and do a transfer rate test.
The 3500 doesn’t support error scanning yet but it is suposed to soon (we are just waiting on a firmware release).

@harley2ride, have you tried the maddog bitsetting tool?
It is the “BookType Management Utility” listed after the firmware here.

Yes I have. It won’t seem to work for me. Not a big problem, as I have two other drives that support bitsetting. I’m hoping the next firmware upgrade that I do will fix whatever my problem is. Might also be a software issue, as I have other bitsetting utilities for other drives… But thanks for the info anyway…

Just going through old posts and ran across this and got to thinking. Bitsetting is enabled by the firmware (if your firmware does not support it you cannot bitset it). Bitsetting utilities that are designed for a specific drive usally only address that drive (and will not have an effect on other drives) so I wouldn’t think thier would be a software conflict. Are you using generic bitsetting utilities or ones designed for your specific drive? I’m guessing that it is the firmware. Maybe you could flash to another firmware that you know can bitset and try it (just to troubleshoot the bitsetting situation).

mad dog is a great dog, i am amazed by its burning quality, and the price was hard to beat!! bought it for 39.00 from officemax!!

When did you buy this? I know that office max has been clearanceing a lot of dvd stuff but was this a past deal or did you just buy it? If I could line up a few 3500’s that cheap I could reall help some friends and could use another myself (my need for it is just a backup to my sweet md-3500).

I downloaded the bitsetting utility straight from MDMM.COM. It just refuses to work. I’m using the 2fd firmware straight from MDMM.COM. Just one of those weird things I guess… I’ve seen other posts in this forum where others have reported the same kind of problem.

When i installed the booktype utility,I kept trying to set the booktype with a disk in the drive. Thats the way my Emprex writer booktype utlity would work.
I took the disk out and changed the DVD+R setting to Compatability DVD-ROM clicked OK.

The model I have is the 3520 so maybe there is a problem with the utility and the 3500 models.


It seems so true that “Necessity is the mother of invention”

I want to “Thank You All” for the education{ even though I haven’t quite figured it all out yet!!

Thanks for the replies!!!