Mad Dog @ Nec



I flash my Nec 3520a with Mad Dog bios 3520W1F3, and i want to ask, can i back to nec firmware, is this possible, couse i cant patch this dvd-rw with memorex bios it said something like not nec 3520 detected?Will be any problems after flashing nec with mad dog firmware?? :confused:


there shouldn’t be any problem but do remember,after you flash the firmware,the warranty goes out the window.Somewhere in this NEC section there is a thread that shows you how to save your original firmware that comes with your drive so if you want re’use it.I’m not sure where though as I don’t mind if my drive dies or not,I’ll just get another one.


I have a copy of my original bios:).Bot once when i try to use the .exe firmware i get this message, so i was confused:(.I dont want to use any windows or dos flasher i like the .exe files, they are much better then .bin files, quick and fast:)


try removing your drive(uninstalling) from device manger and then restart and let it detect it and see what happens.Reset as it were.The try flashing again.That error has happened quite a few times be4 in this NEC forum for that drive.Again,it may be that promise card.


I dont have promise card, so this error is coused becouse it is or because mad dog firmware, those the .exe bios check the dvd-rw model??Now my dvd-rw is mad dog not nec


my bad.I was thinking and writing 2 responses from different threads for one thread.Mad Dog is basically NEC.Try flashing with another firmware from the firmware page and see what you get.If noting,then you’ll know what your dealing with.Also,don’t use that Book Type feature that comes with the .exe to booktype your drive,doesn’t work for the 3520 yet.


I use nero cd-speed to set booktype:)


good move.It seems to work fine.Some people have gotten that cannot detect error due to trying to book type older firmware when it was already auto bitsetting.Maybe it’s those memorex’s?


??? :confused:

You cannot flash to other drives (for example NEC --> MAD DOG) without using .bin/.exe files with DOS/Windows flashers, because the .exe files check the name string and firmware version of your drive. Only drives with the same name string and earlier firmware version are flashable with those original .exe files.


Mad Dog and Memorex exe files require either their own drives firmware identity or a NEC 3520A with 1.04 firmware.

couse i cant patch this dvd-rw with memorex bios it said something like not nec 3520 detected?

Same as above, you will need to use a DOS/WINDOWS flasher.


Shi****t:)So i have to use bin files, and it let me back from mad dog to nec?:slight_smile:


I use the dos flasher and it takes under a minute, nothing really to worry about and once set back to 1.04 you can use those exe files if you want to.

and it let me back from mad dog to nec?



OK, i will try if there will be new original nec firmware with this PI error detection etc:)Maybe mad dog relase his firmware first, and there will be no problem with flash my drive:)