Mad Dog MM



Anyone know what happened to Mad dog multimedia??


HMMM no one knows???


The company Web site no longer exists and all phone numbers were disconnected. I own an expensive paperweight disguised as a mad Dog writer and am not happy with the shoddy product they put out there. Bottom line: if your Mad Dog has any problem, you are on your own since there is no way to contact the company or customer services!


:\ i just went back to an old review and clicked on MDMM link and came up with forbidden error 403 > This should be news here! but i haven’t seen or heard anything about it…

Here’s MDMM addy >


Sounds like Mad Dog took the money and ran !


seriously… which is really uncool for those who thought they’d be reputable


Mad Dog-if memory serves me <G> was sold primarily by CompUSA. I have yet to see any of their products elsewhere. Contact you State Attorney General and see what can be done relating to warranties.


Mad Dog is still being sold by WalMart, Radio Shack, CompUSA and various other sellers on

I bought mine at Radio Shack and none of the Radio Shack stores in my area could provide contact info except for the dead link on the Internet and the same disconnected phone numbers.

This company was based in San Diego and somehow seemed to have packed up and disappeared :frowning:


Probably just selling out their inventory…


I called Radio Shack and they did not know anyting about it. He checked his vendor list and they were gone…


Though not conclusive evidence, I did a lot of Googling yesterday and concluded that Mad Dog likely went under from a series of law suits, mostly from suppliers, from what it looked like. Likely, for not paying their bills.

Given how long these lawsuits have been coming – many were from 2005 – my guess is that there wasn’t any money to “take” and run with. They probably just ran out of cash flow from their lenders, who are undoubtedly getting way more conservative after the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Given the retail prices I’ve seen on their products over the years, they probably were just priced too low to make money.

Personally, I’ll probably just abandon my two Mad Dog DVD-RW drives, giving them to any of my friends or family who want to use them in XP machines. I’m just not prepared to face the risk of spending my life chasing down weird errors in Vista using them as Mad Dog drives. Or try and figure out how to make them look like NEC ND-3550A’s to Vista. They were such a small investment, I’ve more than made my value back from usage. Plus, I’ve switched to external hard drives for Archiving and Backup, so no longer use DVDs for storage.