Mad Dog Megastor MD-16SDVD9A2 / NEC?

Although I’ve been burning SL DVDs for a few years, I’m a complete newbie with the DL DVD drives. I’d like to get into the DL drives for the obvious reasons – I do wedding, etc. videos and can use the extra space. Prob has always been compatibility fo +R or -R.

What I’m reading about the new DL burners is that I can bitset to a more generic DVD-RAM setting for +R DL’s. I’m also understanding that this same bitsetting will work for SL +R with some of the drives.

I’ve been reading for days/weeks trying to decide on a brand of burner that would accommodate this. Pioneer has a lot of followers, but doesn’t appear to do SL +R’s with its drives. I’m somewhat intimidated by flashing the f/w, although I have upgraded my f/w with my current HP burner.

I ran a hardware search on for DL burners. It mentions a couple of NEC burners, but does not include “bitsetting”. It also mentions a couple "Mad Dog Megastro burners that show OEM-NEC and Chipset-NEC. The difference is the Mad Dog’s DO say bitsetting.

My question: Are these "Mad Dog Megastor burners actually NEC, but with bitsetting?

I was also looking at Lite-On, which has the bitsetting, but NEC sounds more compatible and dependable? All options and suggestions appreciated… THANKS!

Either Liteon or NEC would be good choices; I have both. I would avoid DL DVD as they are massively over priced media and a lot of people find the burn quality is significantly below that of SL burning.

Many Mad dog drives are NEC but you don’t have to go there to get bitsetting, go here:

Also, so you are accurate, bitsetting sets the disc to DVD-ROM not RAM.

Between the current Liteon and NEC choices I would go with the NEC 3520 or the Liteon 1693.

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Yes they are NEC drives. :wink:
EDIT : Are you sure there is a S in the model number? :confused:

Thanks for the quick responses.

Dee-27: the DVD Writer list that I have “does” have the “s”. The entire model is listed as Lite-On SOHW-1693S. Like I mentioned, the possibility of changing the bitset to a more “generic” commercial-type format like DVD-ROM (thanks chas0039 for the correction), really appeals to me.

chas0039: Would you say that getting a DL burner for those times (a wedding is too long, etc.) when I needed would give me the same quality burning SL than a SL-only burner?


Thanks for the f/w link. A question though…

For example for the 3520A, under the modified section, one zip mentions bitsetting for the +R DL and a separate f/w farther down mentions SL +R and +RW. This has been one of my concerns. I really would like a burner that I could bitset for both SL and DL. My understanding here is that with the NEC I won’t be able to do that.

I’m thinking I would be able to do that with the Lite-On SOHW-1693S. Can anyone confirm any of this info? Thanks…

Bitsetting for DL discs is not the problem. If you look at the center column on the right you will see they all support DL bitsetting.

Any of the current burners will support DL burning so you will always have the option to do so if you want. If you find it works for you, either the Liteon or the NEC will burn DVD+R DL and the Liteon will also do DVD-R DL. Keep in mind some players do not support it so you will want to check with your customer.

I am hardly the expert on DL burning but I have formed the opinion from what I read here that the -R DL is crap so it is not a significant drawback to get the NEC. If you really feel you will be doing DL burning you should wait a bit and see how the new NEC 4550 looks. My recollection is that it will add 8X DL burning as will most of the newer burners this year as well as 8X +RW burning.

I may have emphasized the wrong direction of my concerns chas0039. I appreciate you taking the time to humor me a little more…

I’m more concerned about the SL bitsetting. I agree with you that the DL may have a ways to go (that’s why I would like to have the option when/if I would ever need it – + or -), but I’m more concerned that I can set the booktype for single-layered +R’s.

Because I’m so new to the topics, any idea of when the new NEC 4550 comes out?

No date yet for the 4550 release.

Just use the Mad Dog firmware for that model and the bitsetting tool. Set it once and forget it. It will bitset all DVD +R (SL and DL) to DVD-Rom.

If you get the NEC 3520 I would recommend the firmware from L&D, 1.UF, here:

It does very well on TY and Verbatim media and it will set bitsetting for SL +R/+RW automatically.

The NEC was originally set for Fall 2005, but scorpiosoft may have new info.

G_Ivan Awfulitch…

Which bitsetting tool are you referring to? Omnipatch? As you can see I’m feeling a little over my head right now, despite all of the reading and re-reading. I know Lite-On has a bitsetting tool that I was looking into, if I decided to go with Lite-On. I was leaning in that direction because of the apparent simplicity of the bitsetting with LO. But, I’ve also read enough that leads me to think NEC is a better burner for quality and compatibility of media. Verbatim seems to get a good rating as far as compatibility with players.

dstrege007… If you get a Mad Dod (NEC 3520) drive the utility is downloadable at the bottom of MD’s firmware update page. This lets you set booktype to DVD-ROM.

The NEC drives do not support bit setting with the original NEC firmwares, it’s a shame but it’s a fact. There are a lot of altered firmwares floating around in the CDfreaks forums so you should take a look at those. These firmwares will make sure your drive will be able to bitset to SL and DL +R’s. Hope it helps…

Fortunately we’re talking about MadDog OEM drives and their firmware contain the necessary bitsetting code. Without these firmwares, adding bitsetting to stock NEC firmwares would be much harder.

Last night did a little window shopping. Comput USA has the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 at $99.99. Am leaning heavily toward the Mad Dog because of NEC connection AND the fact it has bitsetting.

Only other consideration is the LiteOn SOHW-1693S, which I found this morning (online) at Circuit City. But, online they don’t have this “newer” version… I think it was the 1673? But may try and stop by in person and see if store has newer mondel in stock.

MEDIA… Any insight on which versions are the best for these two? I believe the +R are the way to go, as long as I can bitset to ROM. I’ve read a lot about Verbatim being quite good (+R SL and +R DL). Anyone have any input for suggestions?

Thanks for everyone’s help. This website has introduced me to so much more, technically speaking. A lot is still over my head, but I’ve also learned alot already. Really appreciate when the experts take the time to help us newbies!!!

Well this afternoon I picked up the Mad Dog (MD-16XDVD9-8X) and am anxious to try it out. A little dissapointed that when I went to MD firmware page, there were no references to the …D9-8X model I got. Don’t know which NEC, if any, this is rebadged, so have to start the search.