Mad Dog MD-16xDVD9

I just picked up a Mad Dog MD-16xDVD9 burner and it has 2F6 firmware. I see so many updates and conversions to the NEC 3500 that I don’t know which to use. I know they all have there own special tweeks for certian media and that but at this moment what is the best for this drive. So someone with this drive can you tell me from your own experience what firrmware works best for you. I started reading thru the posts but there is just so many. I appreciate everyones input on this. I’m sure this has been asked before but I don’t want to spend a week trying to figure it out. Once I get the most recent and best one installed then I can keep it up to date from here.


Yup, I got one this AM too. I will first see that it is OK, then will flash to the official f/w from mdmm site. I think 2FA is the newest. THEN after a bit, I was going to ask what you did. I know someone tried to flash using the NEC stuff and it did not like the Mad Dog. I am sure someone here can tell us if Liggy and Dee’s will work.

LOL, we all got out maddogs in today. FW by chance you guys? LOL.

Thanks for the reply I have flashed it with a few already, I now have 3500W2F9 and it thinks its a NEC 3500AG. I poped a Yuden 8x I have and it says it will burn it 16x and it probably will. I picked up a Digital Max at Omax on BF and its a 16x Liteon 1633 and it burns the Yuden 8x just fine at 16x. I haven’t tried to burn anything yet but if its like my other Mad Dog 8x AKA NEC 2500A it will be great. I hope someone posts some help here so we aren’t wondering to long. Usually the NEC forum people are alot of help.

FW for me I’m going broke from that place.

Also here is a link to the firmwares of your choice.

You will notice a few different people modding the firmwares and this is where they have compiled them.

Does that one support bit setting?

Yes and in Nero when you select choose recorder there is a pull down menu under options at the bottom left and there is a nice book type settings selection.

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Wouldn’t the Modified 2f9 be less up to date than the stock 2fa? Mine is still at 2f6 as it came from OM.

Some firmwares have been mofied to burn better and things like that so when you goto a modded firmware the are usually better then the stock. If you goto the link above you will see the modded firmwares have the rip speed unlocked among other things. People on here are spending their time tweaking the firmware to be more compatible with media beside increasing there burn speeds.

I went ahead and flashed mine with tonights new v2.18 and burned a ricohjpn01 @12x. took 7min, so thats good. But yeah, there are sooooo many versions out, it wasnt this confusing when i flashed my 2500 6 months ago. LOL.

I just want fast quality burns and be able to set book to rom. Im not asking for much. :slight_smile:

But 2.18 was after you made it an NEC, correct?

I think pretty much all the modified firmwares don’t care what drive it is it will flash it so be careful that you don’t flash a wrong drive.

OK, I want to flash normal 2fa first and run for a few days. Then I guess I can find something to make it an NEC. Does yours show as a 3500 now?

Yes it shows NEC 3500AG now but I now have put in LD 2.18v4. Just to see what speeds it sees some of my media and untill I burn something I can’t say which is better for me.

uhmm, no. I flashed it from my stock fw directly to 2.18. I thought about changing it to nec first, but I said the heck with it and flashed. :bigsmile:

It works. I hope I didnt do anything bad that I cannot see at this moment. Like, i would hate to be burning a week from now and have the burner die because I mis-flashed. I think i’ll be fine though.

OH, I am at MD 2FA now. I had thought that you could not use stock NEC 2.18 on the Mad Dos.

Well, I have a strange problem but think it may be Nero related. I can burn DVD data to my 4X DVD+RW media at 4X OK. However, for movies, I ran DVD Decrypter and then Nero Recode and Burn. THAT shows 2.4X on the same media. Is there a setting I am missing on Recode, as Nero will burn Data to this same DVD+RW at the full 4X.

I wonder if DVD Shrink would be better after all?

I don’t use Recode so I can’t help you but there is a nero forum on here off the main forum link and someone there should be able to help you. Also I hope everyone has taken advantage og the Bestbuy 3.99 25 pak Fuji 8x Japan Yuden media error today.

I am getting frustrated by reading the NEC forums because there are so many variations of the NEC 3500A firnware. I have a 1213s@1633s and I dont have issues with modded firmware because there is only one person maintaining the mods plus messing around with the firmware is easy because of the existing utilities. Right now, I have the maddog 2FA modded. I dont have time to burn all different types of media with different firmware just to figure out the best one. THe media codes I use most :

Can somebody PLEASE just tell us the best firmware for this maddog 3500A. Thanks.

Here is what I know so far:

  1. TDB firmwares - all stock firmware from diff manuf but with rip lock and RPC
  2. Liggys and Dees - there’s a V_R3 and there’s a beta 12???
    • these firmwares are based from TDB with modified strategies
  3. Herrie - up to 2.18, i read that most people recommend herrie’s 2.17, is this still true
    - did herrie modify strategies?
  4. Quikee - similar to LDs, strategies are modified

Is there like a comparison chart for all firmwares. I found this site : but I dont think all firmware is up-to-date and you have no idea when the firmwares listed were released.

I am like you a little confused, like you said with all these different firmwares which is the best. I am at the moment running 2.18 I may try LD_V1.4 as this is another latest firmware. I will burn a disc and scan it and then decide if this firmware is compatible with my media. I am pretty confident that the 3500 no matter what firmware is in it will burn a good quality disc.