Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 vs. ND3500A

Please bear with me, as I am a newbie. As best I can tell, the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 is a rebadge of the “official” NEC ND3500A. Assuming I can buy the Mad Dog rebadge for about the same price as the ND-3500A, would it be better to buy the ND3500A over the Mad Dog rebadge, or vice-versa, or no advantage one way or the other? Thanks.

If you are buying retail, the only difference will be the initial firmware loaded on the drive and the retail packaging contents (included software, manual, etc).
I would get whichever is cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:
Mad Dog retail version comes with Nero 6 OEM suite.
NEC retail version comes with ?

I thought it was Ulead that the NEC retail comes with. I could be wrong. But I think you’ll find the NEC cheaper on than you would buying a Mad Dog, unless it’s one of those rebate things where you wait forever.

You are correct, I just double checked and the NEC retail box contains ULead DVD MovieFactory™ 3.5 Suite Deluxe edition.

Thanks much. Your comments on retail vs. oem are spot on. Since I don’t have any software, it’s seems that I might come out ahead $$ with the Mad Dog and Nero 6 OEM (which probably has some goodies left out, but hopefully is adequate for basic things) vs. buying Nero retail+NEC OEM or getting the NEC retail with Ulead (less preferred, I assume, than Nero).

You are basically missing Nero Backit Up and the DVD Video Plugin with the version of the OEM suite Mad Dog has bundlee with it. I have one in a USB 2.0 housing and one internal here. They are good drives but I really haven’t tried many other DVD burners except one Artec (ugh) drive. I find them to be good drives and I do put them through some pretty heavy use and flash the firmware pretty regularly.

So which FW comes with the retail version & where can we find details of what the FW features are? Sorry that I’m a litte confused about this, but there are quite a few ND-3500A firmware versions available for me to keep track of. :confused:

Can you get 16x burn with your USB 2.0 drive?

Untested. As of right now. I don’t have any media that is on the 3500’s list to burn at 16X at the moment.

I have a transfer rate scan right here.

How about 12x?

Right now I have MCC 01RG20 (drive will do 8X), FUJIFILM03(drive will burn it 8x), RICOHJPN R01, and finally some RITEKG03 (2X). So no 12X or 16X burning at the moment.

Ok, just wondered if the USB could muster up a high speed burn or if the bandwidth craps out.