Mad Dog MD-16X3DVD9-8X Triple Format

I just picked up this drive, i use fujifilm ritek +r and havent got such great burns when testing with nero speed. Does anyone know if theres a new firmware for this drive? I went to their site but cant find one. Maybe i can cross flash it? Anyone know?

You can flash it to a ND-4550A, as that’s what I did.

how are your results? what type of media are you using?

did flashing it make any difference?

try mcc or TY or Yuden at 8x

I mainly use YUDEN000T02, TYG02, MCC004, and MCC03RG20. I still have a few TYG01 left, and use CMCMAGE01 and CMCMAGAE1 for tests only.

There wasn’t really any difference using 1.F0 or 1.07, except that as a Mad Dog, the +R can be booktyped, whereas as a NEC, it can’t. The LD versions allow bitsetting and ripspeed, but no advantage for the media that I use. I believe that 1.07 is newer than 1.F0.