MAD DOG is driving me NUTS!

I have an external USB2 burner under the name brand Mad Dog Megastor 18X which is giving me nothing but headaches. Upon initial installation, Win XP SP2 recognized the drive but the burner would intermittently go AWOL where it is not recognized by my PC. Device manager always tells me that something is wrong with the driver and also mentions CYPRESS which has something to do with the enclosure, I guess!

At any rate, uninstalling and re-installing over and over (sometimes it took me hours to sit at my desk and do this tedious task over and over again) will make Mad Dog recognizable again as a drive by WinXP. I notice that if the unit is left overnight thus cooler during the re-install session, chances of success would be greater.

Sorry about the lengthy post but if anybody more knowledgeable than I am could offer insights and advices, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I tried to call Mad Dog service rep but none of the phone numbers I was provided worked. They were all disconnected and not in service. What gives ???

The Mad Dog 18x is a Samsung SH-S182D (w/LightScribe, a S182M). Cypress is the IDE-USB bridge chip inside the enclosure. There might be a new BIOS from Cypress that can be upgraded to, but you’ll have to break open the enclosure and find out what the device is, if you are sure the USB drivers aren’t corrupted in your machine. Try with another computer if you can.

Thank you so much for the info. Afetr a few hours of un-installing and re-installing, I got Mad Dog to be recognizable by Windows XP again and found out through device manager that the model was
TSH 625M MD01. How and where can I find the new BIOS for Cypress? Incidentally, I tried Mad Dog on all USB ports when it was not recognized by XP and they all did not work. I just purchase another external drive (SONY DRX 840U) and it worked on all USB so the fault must be with the Mad Dog unit.

Many many thanks in advance for your advices and time!

The TS-H625M is the Toshiba/Samsung model code for the S182M, the consumer model. I believe the ‘M’ is for LightScribe, and MD01 is the firmware version. Unfortunately, that’s not the Cypress bridge chip information, so you’ll still need to break open the box if you want find out, otherwise, if the wrong BIOS is used, it most likely will kill the chip.