Mad dog DVD burner



Couldn’t find a review of this so I’m hoping I’m placing this in the right section.
Anyone out there using the Mad Dog Multimedia Internal DVD Drive (MD-18XTFI) and can give me a review of it or know how it is even if you don’t have it.
Thanks. gcj412


Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about the Mad Dog MD-18XTLI 18X internal multi-burner?

Who is the OEM?

Does anybody have one of these?

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According to,
which is only review I find, it is Samsung SH-S182M and is not Win98 compatible. OEM simply means it’s not retail and usually includes no software or cables.


Thanks bevills1!

I’ve been out of the “DVD burning zone” for a while due to work overseas and am just getting back into the research mode due to the need to replace my trusty 2510A and a 640i. I wanted something I can burn 16x media with that is fast, burns reliably, and has lots of firmware support.

Reading other forums I guess I missed out on the Benq DW1655 ‘train’ since they are getting hard to find, so I thought I’d do the Mad Dog route since they offer 2X the standard OEM warranty.

The only problem is figuring out who REALLY makes the various drives that Mad Dog rebadges so I can read reviews of the OEM version to decide. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of reviews for the 6 “currently featured” Mad Dog internal drives that are listed on their website.

Again, thanks for the response!



IMO the Pioneer 111D has best reviews and fewest posted user problems which is what I chose and cross flashed to 111L to gain bit setting, but it does burn many 16x media only at 12x. Interestingly the Benq DW1650 was a close second choice for me. However, the Benq DW1650 shows avaialable from for $30 with free shipping, and the Benq DW1655 shows available for $31.99 from
plus $5.64 shipping.


Who really care about the 2X the standard OEM warranty these days. If a drive last more than 1 year then it will most likely last over more than 2 years. Most drives will break down less than 3 months if there’s a problem.


Well I made a small discovery on the MD downloads page. They actually list the OEM name and model of some of their most recent rebadges in the download link for firmware for that drive.

Examples are:
MegaSTOR 16x Double Layer (NEC 3550A)
MegaSTOR 16x Triple Format (NEC 4570A)
and I think we discussed the MegaSTOR 18X Triple Format MD-18XTFI was actually the Samsung SH-S182

I was looking around at all the various drives available and decided I did want to replace my HP dvd640i with another LS drive so I found a deal at Tigerdirect for a HP dvd940i (Liteon made) for about $59. (Found it $10 cheaper somewhere else after I ordered…naturally :a )

Then decided to add an NEC AD-7170A to the order since it was only $39 more.

So, I’m done for a while. Will prolly flash the NEC to Dee’s bitsetting 103 when I get it, other than that…it should hold me for this year :slight_smile: