Mad Dog Dominator 8XRW?



A buddy of mine just picked up the Mad Dog Dominator at Office Max, which is a rebadged NEC ND-2500A. He sent me a picture of the box, since I told him to carefully check to make sure he was getting the NEC drive, which he did. Curiously though, on the back of the box, highlighting the feature, it says “8X+/-RW Rewriter, twice as fast as our competition’s 4x rewriters!..”
Anyone else buy one of these and notice that. He hasn’t hooked his up yet, but I’m really curious about that claim.


noticed what? 2x4=8 :wink:


Ya, now that the math is confirmed :-)…8x on rewritable discs…I want that firmware!


I just posted details of how to get this for $25 on the bargain forum here. I ordered mine today, being delivered tomorrow.


OEM rebadging companies (such as MadDog) commonly screw up the product specs!
We’ve seen many funky specs listed on various writer box packaging.
The 2500/2510 are of course only 4X Max DVD-+RW writers.