Mad Dog Dominator 6-in-1 4xDVD-R/-RW



Office Max is clearing these out for $29…

Are these a rebadged NEC, and if so which model number? If NEC, can they be upgraded via firmware for 8X?

Thanks to the guys over at “slickdeals”, for making us aware. :bow:


Who want to buy a 4X burner when one can get a 16X for under $60 now!


Not a good deal. Purchased my 3500 for $31 (delivered with 50 pack Fuji DV-R media). Newer burners can write @ 16X. The burn quality is also better. I’ve seen specials starting at $51.


Be careful. It is -R only. says it is Toshiba SD-R5112, which I don’t know much about. But I can’t think it is a good deal nowadays.


It’s a POS. I have one. Thankfully it was cheap. The one thing it’s good for is reading very scratched disks. What my NECs, Liteons or Benqs couldn’t read, this one could.


Now, this is the kind of deal I would be interested in! I suppose that was 6 months ago when you found your deal?


DEC 2004 @ PC Connection. Kanguru drive (NEC 3500). I’m sure there will be other bargains coming down the pipe in the next few months.


I got this drive free after MIR from OfficeMax several months ago (it’s the SD-R5112, label on the drive) and haven’t had problems, but I think you can now get a drive w/better capabilities for the money you’re talking about. You can currently get the MadDog 8-in-1 (MD-8XDVDRW-PM) $20 after MIR from Microcenter. I think I was told that it is NEC2500, but I’m not sure.


Blackpearl! If I can get a 2500 for $20 I’m so totally there. Going to check their website now, thanks for the information. :slight_smile:


Just looked at the drive on Microcenter. Definitely $19.99 after MIR, HOWEVER, it lists the drive as having 1x DVD-RAM capabilities. If this is true I’d say this is an LG drive of some sort. Not that LG’s are terrible anything, there are a lot worse writers out there, but I was really hoping for a shiney new NEC ND2500A again to replace my dead one. Guess it’s not meant to be yet. :frowning:


I believe it is a Toshiba.


I still wonder if that 1x DVD-RAM wasn’t a mistake of some sort. I know the Mad Dog’s were almost always NEC ND2500A’s or NEC ND2510A’s and all I can find on this drive is that it is an NEC ND2500A. I might contact Microcenter to find out if that 1x DVD-RAM is a mistake or not. :slight_smile:

Screw it - I’m getting it to find out! I want my NEC ND2500A back - one of the best writers you could ever ask for lower grade media and with the $30 rebate it’ll cost me all of like $30 after I get the rebate back, hehe. I think the 1x DVD-RAM was a mistake because they list that under the Write section but they don’t list DVD-RAM as a readable format and it’s a 32x cd-r write and 16x cd-rw write drive so that leads me to believe that it is in fact a 2500A. I’ll know right away when I get the drive in my external case if it detects it as 2.FA or something like that - if it does I’ll just absolutely jump up and down with joy because I’ll probably be able to put use to my Prodisc MCC 02RG20’s finally! hehehe


Update: Microcenter is sold out so my order got cancelled. Sounds like that is the last 8x Dominator 6-in-1’s Mad Dog has in stock too although the CSR I spoke with said they may get another stock in since Mad Dog keeps finding them in batches of hundreds of them at a time - LOL. So, I’ll check back in on it in a couple of days to see if it’s back in stock again. I really wanted my NEC ND2500A back again too - sigh. Oh well. :slight_smile: