Mad dog book type utility?



So I have been searching for info on firmwares for my maddog (3500) and like many, I’m a bit confused. No big deal though, My liteon does just fine so I’m in no rush. I’ll do my reading and figure out the best way to go. The one thing that I would like to do right away is bit setting though. I did plenty of searching on book type and was getting the impression that the only way to bitset would be to use hacked firmware. I did find that the newest maddog firmware allowed bitsetting but I guess that it has been sugested that it does not have as good of write strat as previous firmwares. So I decide to look on maddog’s site just to see what is there and find a booktype managment utility listed with the firmwares. Anybody farmiliar with this? All they give is a short pdf but it would seem that it allows bitsetting independant of firmware version. Is that corect?


It allows bitsetting only on firmwares that support the bitsetting method used by WinBType… the 2.F* firmwares do.


That Was the only thing that I could not figure out yet, if it had to have bitsetting firmware versions. Thanks for the help.