Mad Dog 8x (NEC-2500A to 2510A) and Microsoft Media Center 2005 Problem



I just bought a Mad Dog - Dominator 6-in-1 Dual Internal 8x DVD±RW Drive recently, which is actually a NEC-2500A rebadged, that can be converted to a NEC-2510A (Dual Layer) with the .Herrie’s firmware update. A few hours ago, I successfully flashed my DVD drive NEC-2500A to a 2510A, but now my Microsoft Media Center 2005 will not read any DVD Movies from the DVD drive. Please help. :confused:

The only thing I am seeing is a GREEN screen when I play my DVD movies in the Media Center from the DVD drive.


try another dvd app that plays movies before thinking media center is the problem.Try Qucktime Alternative,it’s free and plays all formats.


Problem Solved. The Media Center itself did not recognized the new drive and thus it froze when I played the movies from the DVD drive. My solution was to reinstall the Medai Center and worked now.

Thank you Nosmartz for replying back and tried to help. I appreciated it.