Mad Dog 16XDVD9-8X (MD-16XDVD9A4)



I just purchsed the MD-16XDVD9-8X and read in the FAQ’s it is a rebadged 3540. So, I read the reviews of the 3540. Am concerned that the review says 3540 can not be bitset to DVD-ROM for +R/+R DL.

I went with the Mad Dog because it appeared they can all use bitsetting.

Have a made a major mistake? Anyone know whether or not the new 16XDVD9-8X can use bitsetting?



“the review says 3540 can not be bitset to DVD-ROM for +R/+R DL.”

Where have you read that??? Which review? :rolleyes:

[B]In Jan’s review of the 3540A at CDFreaks:

“BookType (bitsetting):
The NEC ND-3540A supports bitsetting, and will as default write DVD+R DL media with DVD-ROM BookType.”[/B]


NEC “brand” firmware only supports bitsetting on DVD+R DL media.
Mad Dog firmware should support it on all types ( DVD+R/RW/R DL).
Try CD-DVD Speed bitsetting.


i have this same drive in external form and my computer only recognizes it as a “Generic DVD” drive… any thoughts?


Then it’s a problem with your external case/chipset.

“Generics” are normally virtual drives.