Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X

This is a ND-4550 drive. For those who say the 4550 is not available in the U.S., it is now, just as a Mad Dog rebadge. Release firmware is 1.F0. Liggy, do you need this firmware?

Just bought one today.

Definitely yes. :iagree:

It’s on the way… :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=worker]This is a ND-4550 drive. For those who say the 4550 is not available in the U.S., it is now, just as a Mad Dog rebadge.
Forgot to mention, the drive is available at CompUSA stores

Now, flashed with firmware 1.27(I/O Data)

DVD_PREDATOR, both scans show up an uggly jitter/PIE/PIF spike at ~2.3GB…
Do you have any other plus media at hand for a burn? :slight_smile:

@worker, great news for all US fellas… :clap:

Already uploaded to my NEC ND4550A page. RPC1 version is finished too.

Same disc of my last post above,now scanned with Plextor 712. What do you think?

Rather contradictory results… because I trust both BenQ 1640 and Plex-712. :slight_smile:

What’s left? A simple transfer rate test @16x with your new “4550” maybe… :smiley:

Great. Grabbed the RPC1 version. Thanks… :clap:

@DVDPREDATOR: Do you have that drive on the same ide channell as the BenQ164BEFB you are scanning with? Not that there is anything wrong with it but I had problems using my NEC 3540 and my BenQ1640 flashed to BEFB used internally on the same channell . The only drive I have found compatible with the BenQ was my LG 4163B. I don’t know the reason, maybe because I have the BenQ as Master and the LG as slave.

Hello Folks,

In posting #1 and #5 in this tread it was stated that the Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X was a rebadge NEC ND-4550. To avoid any confusion and confirm this below are two Web Links pages for the Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X. Could a knowable confirm that these two Web Links pages for Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X are the rebadge NEC ND-4550.

Best Regards,

@ pinto2: Nec ND-4550 transfer rate of the reference disc.

If you look closely you will see these are not the 16X3DVD9-8X. They are the 16XDVD9-8X which would be a ND-3540 or ND-3550.

Hi,these links shows Nec ND-3540 not ND-4550, actually CompUSA don’t have it listed in their web page but they have plenty of them in stores.

Sony D21 burned at 16x with Nec-4550, first scan with BenQ-1640, second scan with Plextor-712

Thanks alan1476 for your input, I’m going to leave the 4550 alone in the ide channel to see if there is improvement. Tomorrow I’ll be testing this and make some burns with dash media, now : bedtime

@ DVD_PREDATOR & worker,

Thank you your reply and bringing it to my attention that my Web Links were not for the Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X (NEC ND-4550).

Unfortunately I do not live in area that has a CompUSA retail store. I guess I’ll have to wait until either the Mad Dog 16X3DVD9-8X appears at Best Buy/Circuit City or the NEC ND-4550 at NewEgg.

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They are at Circuit City, at least around here in the Northeast.