Mad Dog 16x Dvd

Hello everyone I am new to this forum and need some help please… I bought a Mad Dog 16x DVD It will not burn a cd or dvd :a and I cant get the drive to upgrade from the firmware and I have went and exchanged the drive twice thinking it was a faulty drive well I am a newbie so have no clue really anyway I was on tech support for like 4 hours and they said well there has to be a conflict but I dunno what it could be its a brand new HDD with a fresh loading of xp all updated and theres not much else loaded the firmware version it has now is 2.F6 and I need all the help I can get pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am begging! :bow:

first thing we need is some specs on your system.(processor, motherboard - any other drives???) does windows recognize the drive???

yes I have windows XP all updated the computer is a 1.10 ghz and has 512 Ram and the rom reads cds and dvds and the computer recognizes the rom…but when I try to burn a cd Nero freezes and it doesnt write anything and 90 % of the time I have to reboot :frowning:

it sounds like a problem with nero - do you have the latest version(update)??? if you have any other burning application, i would try that also.

I have the latest version of nero its all updated and I have tried other programs to burn with no luck I am wondering why the firware will not work it errors out and it did it with the other two drives that i returned also so I am wondering if there is a conflict with something in windows?

Hey Angle…
Man I’m saying this a lot but do you have the drive set to DMA or PIO?? Make sure your set to DMA.

It is on DMA :slight_smile: checked it a few minutes ago :slight_smile:

it sounds like a hardware conflict or perhaps an ide driver issue. in device manager check to see if you have any hardware not working(red “x”). also try a different ide cable.

I have done all of that I changed the ide cable and I have no conflicts in my device manager that are showing up as far as I can see all is good