Mad Dog 16x burner $30 AR

At MicroCenter, ends 12/04/2005

Any educated guesses on what OEM drive this may be?

It’s an NEC, I’m believe the 3520. Nice Deal, although shipping costs would put it at about the same price that you can get the 3520 or 3540 when the price is down - Newegg has had the 3540 for $38 shipped before. Of course if you buy it in store…

Luckily I’m close to the store.

The up front price (50$) is pretty good too if you live near a store. I’m tempted but I think my next drive is going to be a benq (I already have an nec 3500).

I might have to use it as a stop gap. I think my 1620 is slowly going south and I can’t wait for 1650/1655.

I’m thinking! LOL

CompUSA has NEC retail 3550 for $49.99 good until 12/4 this week.