Mad Dog 16x burner 2fa firmware/bitsetting issue

Anyone else having problems with bitsetting on the Mad Dog 16x burner. I have tried multiple dvd’s, and I can run the utility, but it never lights up the OK box to actually perform the bitset. I have tried using DVDCRYPTER and using the drop down box and selecting NEC, but still not dvd-rom. Any ideas!

What media are you using? Bitsetting is only for DVD+R/RW and Dual-Layer media. I actually thought I remember reading somewhere that the Mad Dog firmware only supports Dual-Layer bitsetting although I could be wrong on this point…

Various +r media. Can’t bitset any so far. Haven’t tried +rw yet.

Bitsetting works with +R SL, +R DL, and +RW (but only if the disc is BRAND NEW). Once the +RW disc has been wiped, it will default to +RW.

I have been able to change a ‘used’ +rw’s booktype by formatting in dvdinfopro, but apparently it doesn’t work for everyone. No idea why. I think I was on 2.18 SE at the time, not sure as I don’t really use or need booktype. I know I used Necwinflash to set the booktypes.

I’ve tried +R single layer, and it won’t work. Can’t get the OK button to light up.

Isn’t there a counter as well? I have 100 DVD+RW’s and they work great, but won’t it count down as you change them to DVD-ROM? Not sure it lets you reset the count.

Why would you keep changing? Once you set booktype to rom, there is no need to change it back.

OK…just asking as I have not set it yet. May not have to as it seems to work OK with my players now.

Since nobody seems to have an answer, screw it. My Philips 8631 (dell)/Benq1620, doesn’t seem to have any problems with bitsetting, so I’ll just use it for all my bitsetting needs until someone figures out how to make the maddog work correctly.

I have that same burner and i’ve flashed mine with most every modified f/w along with some of my patched f/w and Binflash works to change booktype fine. You might have a software conflict. I sold my NEC 2510 to a neighbor and upon trying to set the booktype with both Binflash and WinBType Tool had a freeze problem. Finally got it to change but would freeze for a couple of minutes. He’s got all kinds of crap on his pc so i just left it alone and it’s works fine for him.

I have installed 2.18 btrpc1 now and booktype setting works again. I know I had it working before, using different firmwares, but somehow it stopped working. You can tell you are OK when the bitsetting proggie tells you Command ver 4 at the bottom.
BTW I have no problem changing the booktype for dvd+rw’s that have been formatted and written to as dvd+rw before.

Currently running 2.18 btrpc1 but I can only change DVD+RW to DVD ROM on a brand new DVD+RW. What is the ID code of your DVD+RW media? Did you perform a DC wipe of the DVD+RW before reusing it? A DC wipe will restore the DVD+RW disc to factory condition.

Mine does show Command Ver 4, but still have the OK button greyed out. Maybe I’ll wait for a new firmware version from Maddog, and then redownload the bitset utility and try again. If it still doesn’t work, may have to go for one of the RPC firmwares.

DC wipe does not work on my NEC 3500. I just fast formatted the dvd with DVDInfopro and the booktype changed; took about twenty seconds. The mediacode does not matter; I tried it with MKM A02 and Ricohjpnw11.

Did you look at the booktype settings with Binflash GUI (Necwinflash 0.95)? Mine look like this:

I have Binflash gui 1.10 and the same settings. Also used DVDinfoPro and Ricohjpn 4X DVD+RW disc. Still could only bitset a new DVD RW disc.

If these are your settings too, the disc should become a dvd-rom as soon as you format it. I have no idea why it would work for me and not for you. :confused:

May have to try another new DVD+RW. Same FW, same drive, and same media. The version of Binflash shouldn’t matter (0.95 vs 1.10).

I never have “formatted” a DVD. I have just taken them out of the cakepack and burned them. DVDInfopro looks like I should try it, but the D/L site makes it look like the Free one has already expired. Am I reading it wrong?

P.S. What is DC wipe?