Mad Dog 1.F3 for NEC 4550?



I have some questions about this firmware on NEC 4550.
The firmware 16X3DVD9-8X_FW_v1F3.exe of the Mad Dog web page[]
is for NEC 4570. Liggy MadDog ND4550 OEM firmware 1.F3 is for 4550.
Can you explain how a firmware that is for the 4570 can be flashed on 4550?
I can flash the .exe (MadDog) or I have to use the .bin (Liggy)?
Than if I want come back to the original NEC 1.08 what I have to do?
Thanks all for your answers


The firmware you mentioned is for 4550 not for 4570 …

For the record, the equivalent MadDog <-> NEC model numbers are:
MAD DOG MD-16X3DVD9-8XB = NEC 4570
MAD DOG MD-16X3DVD9-8X = NEC 4550
MAD DOG MD-16X2DVD9-8X = NEC 3550

You can use BinFlash to write either the MadDog/NEC .exe files directly or to write .bin files.

If you want to go back to NEC1.08 afterwards, then you can use BinFlash again just as easily.