Macs Compatible w LCD TVs?




I want to put together a user-friendly system my 100-year-old mother and step-father can use for us to do televideo calls. I’m thinking a Mac might be simpler for them to operate than a PC.

Having lived my life in the PC world, I’m not very familiar with Macs. My question is: is a Mac compatible with the “PC” input connection on an LCD high-definition flat-screen TV? Is the answer the same for all LCDs, or does it depend on the brand? They have a one-year-old Samsung. If the answer is No, is there an adapter one can buy?

If a Mac is compatible, is that true for older ones too? I’m thinking of buying one that is a bit older to try to save a little money.



There should be no problems as long as your can adjust the resolution and refresh rate to match the requirements of the TV.

On a side note, if you aren’t a Mac user, you likely shouldn’t get them a Mac either. Whenever they have issues you will likely be the one called upon to solve the problem. Trying to solve problems without physically being there is hard enough without also working with a system you are not familiar using.