Macrovision Workaround using an ATI PC Graphics Card

Here is a Macrovision workaround I have found which may prove useful to those of you who own a PC with an ATI graphics card installed, my particular card is an All-In-Wonder 128 but it may work with others providing they allow capture and TV out facilities. You don’t need to do any capturing, all you need to do is take the output from your VCR to the input on the graphics card (PC turned on of course) and then connect the outputs on the card (either the phono video-out or the S-Video and the audio out) to the inputs on your DVD recorder. You need to ensure that TV Out is enabled in the card settings after connecting up. The ATI card has the effect of removing the protection and the output from the card is Macrovision free! I have found this to work faultlessly with my LVW-5006 and also with my cheapie Alba DVD recorder.

If this method works and removes the MV, this is a good suggestion for those that need the 0101 FW with the closed captioning and it captures it also.

Hi jm1647, thanks for your reply. I found this out quite by accident. I was trying in vain to copy an MV tape having “upgraded” to 0101 FW so I thought about trying to copy the tape to my computer hard drive in mpeg2 format and then using Nero to create my own DVD on the PC. My PC copied the tape on to the HDD with no problems, so it occurred to me that the graphics card must be ignoring the MV. It then occurred to me that if this was the case, would the output from the card still contain the MV ? I therefore put it to the test and found that it didn’t and have since copied several MV tapes to DVD using this method with no problems at all. Although my PC has an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 card installed it may of course work with other makes of graphics cards providing thay can accept video inputs and have TV out or a similar arrangement.


I used to copy MV tapes to PC in MPEG 2 format and reauthor as you discussed, as I found that you could copy MV protected tapes. I never thought about re-splicing the PC outputs back to the Liteon and checking if the MV signals were actually removed though - What a good idea!

I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. How are you handling the audio streams?

  2. Do you get any audio sync issues?

Hi Oilman, thank you for your interest. I have actually been taking the audio via the card inputs as well as the video and then taking the audio and video outputs from the card to the DVD recorder and it works fine with no sync problems at all. You could probably take the audio direct from the VCR to the DVDR but as I haven’t tried this I can’t say whether there would be any problems with sync, I’ll try it when I get a spare moment and report back on this forum with the results.

Hello again Oilman, I have just tried it using a direct connection for the audio and it works just fine with no sync problems. If anything the sound is better with a direct feed without the PC intervening. Best wishes and have fun experimenting!

Hi mooi1uk,
Direct connection is so obvious that of course I would never have thought about it!

@mooiuk - Thanks for the update.