Macrovision warns of piracy threat to computer games industry



I just posted the article Macrovision warns of piracy threat to computer games industry.

Submitted by Webitpr: London, England, 21 August, 2003 - Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), leading provider of copy protection and digital rights management technologies,…

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…and buy our product, we’ll secure you’re games, not! :d


Yeah gotta love these companies hyping things up to try and scare people into buying their own products.


As far as i know, every game protected with Marcovision´s Safedisc has been cracked, so why bother buying a product that already is (and will be in the future too) compromised by crackers?..


There is a perfect reason for that. Because you just can’t copy a game, a lot of the average joe users will be stopped from making a copy. Besides that, the more difficult it is to make a copy, the more people will stop trying. Copy protections work, they are not intended to make copies impossible, just to make it harder.


Harder how hard is it to stick the cd in and pick copy cd?


Anyways, I love their Eco-Scare Tactics, reminds me of the Black Monday that occured back in the day in the Stock Market, you start making everyone panic and bad shiet will happen. Besides, the only way to prevent piracy is A) make the game worth while buying ie. Diablo 2, Half Life, battlefied 1942 allows replayability B) Charge around $25-40 for the games not $50… :g But what do I know… Im not rich. like the corporations.


[snip] Consumers need to recognise that digital protection of games is a legitimate right of the content owner," continued Martin Brooker [snip] when u buy a product, you are then the content owner… backups. here in Australia, you have the legal right to make backups. hrmmm