Macrovision uses DVD to DVD and DVD to VHS protection

I just posted the article Macrovision uses DVD to DVD and DVD to VHS protection.

WebitPR used our newssubmit to tell us that the animated feature film 'Jonah" '“A VeggieTales Movie will be protected with a DVD protection developed by Macrovision. The company mainly known for…

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oops i just checked the remove macrovision box in smartripper.

This is a NEW protection, put the DVD in your DVD drive on your computer and it :frowning: anyway someone go buy/rent this dvd and let us know how the DVD archive process works out

How can they add any more protection to DVD’s? Don’t all DVD players know only certain “codes”?

It has nothing to do the encryption there is something added to the DVD to make the deeper interrogation that a COMPUTER DVD drive does cause it to think the disc is faulty and I’m guessing eject the disc, I believe this is how some AudioCDs have been protected to make them so you can’t rip them with a computer. This will require a firmware hack for your DVD drive to ignore this bogus info.

And all the DVD players based on computer parts and have DVD-ROM drives?? If I owned one of those, I’d be suing them instantly if my player ejected the DVD on me!!! Besides the fact that this is likely to stop determined people for what, a week? Maybe 2? When will they learn…

They put some illegal contain on TOC of DVD (break Red Book,greenbook,brownbook,whatever) that some PC DVD can’t understand it,but DVD-Player can :frowning: But they forgot DVD0drive can update firmware :9

Analog capture anyone? Many capture cards will happily accept a Macrovision scrambled signal from a standard DVD player (I know mine does). And for those that don’t there’s always those magic black boxes (or DVD players with hidden menus).

Er… Hello? They specifically don’t mention dvd-r drives. Just stand-alone units. So, it’s just the same old crap from the same old company. No news really…

It’s just a matter of time, but this copy protection will be beaten sooner or later as is the case with all copy protections.

simple us xbox and stream the data content to pc :slight_smile: simple solution to stupid protection :slight_smile:

DUDES! It’s already on p2p for download ripped from a dvd(screener):slight_smile:

if they are using a fake toc or putting in corrupt information so if will not work on a computer, then it doesn’t comply with the dvd standard anymore and it should not have the dvd logo on it. there was the same problem with music cds. manufacturers screwed around with the format, but yet still had the cd logo on the disc that said it complied with the cd standard. this should be illegal. there should be something on the disc that tells people what kind of protection format is used so they can have the choice to purchase it or not, but companies have gone the other way and really don’t want anyone to know what they are doing. they want you to buy the disk, then find out you can’t make a back up of it. stores do not give you your money back on opened dvds or cds. also, there has been some dvds that die after a few years due to manufacturing problems. i’ve heard it has been very hard to get a replacement even if the failure is caused by a manufacturing problem. dvd’s seamed to really take off in sales at the same time people were able to copy them. you would think that the movie industry had learned from the music industry, but i guess not.

On every protected music CD Ive ever seen, its got a logo on the back saying the CD is copy protected.

So what if it has info on included protections anywhere on it - if it does not work with cd / dvd players of any vintage then it should not be allowed to be sold. Extra new features may only work with newer spec devices, but the basic audio / video capabilities should work on any and all players. Ice

Hello all, I just found this website while trying to solve a problem with my just purchased Jonah DVD…Guess what? It will not play back in my Sony DVD player. It is an older unit (few years) DVP-S3000 but I spent over $500 on it and it still works perfectly today…plays all movies with awesome picture and detail…except it will not play the Jonah DVD for my son. Now I see why…Macrovision’s new pain in the butt! The movie will play but keeps skipping audio and video…like it is stuttering…and will even jump ahead whole chapters! So now what do I do? Can’t return the video because it is opened…it will not play for my son…and no way am I going to buy a new DVD player if that is the answer. And they say the protection is non-intrusive…yea…right! Liars!!! I just want to know which Macrovision or Big Idea employee is going to refund my $19.99 plus tax for a worthless DVD my son can not watch. People who really want to copy this thing are going to…one way or another. But yet the force this crap on the un-suspecting public! If you can not tell…I am mad as a hornet! Ok…done venting.