Macrovision signs copy-protection deal with 'Sold Out Software'

I just posted the article Macrovision signs copy-protection deal with ‘Sold Out Software’.

WebitPR used our newssubmit to tell us that Macrovision, especially know for their ‘SafeDisc’ copy-protection, has signed a deal with UK based ‘Sold Out Software’, a company that releases budget…

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Why would anyone even want to bother copying a £5 game? And good point about the hackers & crackers now having cheaper testing products - corporations can be so stupid… :7

It seems a bit over the top to stick the latest copy protection on what is basically abandonware anyway. You’d have to be dumb to try selling copies of a game you can buy for £5 anyway

It is for macrovision to show people that, “see there is no pirate copies of these release, it is nothing but just because they use our latest protection scheme.”

They make bigger statistics this way and make them look better in the competition, particularily when it comes to the gaming industry chossing what type of copy protection to use on their more expensive games. Also, as inexpensive games sell much quicker than expensive games, they will have a large customer range using CDs with their copy protection. For example, they could report headlines like “There are now over xxx CDs using our copy protection making us the largest …”, etc. When a new gaming industry sees this, they will say “Now that’s what we need…”.

They also tell us that piracy causes prices to go up. Why do I get the feeling that if everything was copy protected prices would still go up instead of down?