Macrovision shares fall customers slow to adopt new products

I just posted the article Macrovision shares fall customers slow to adopt new products.

RickDriver used our news submit to tell us this bit of information
he spotted on the Macrovision company. It seems it was a bit of a
black Tuesday for the copy protection company as they…

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:B Well done. Surprized nobody want to buy your crap? Apparently its because you have no respect for your customers. If people allowed to do the purchased products’ backup by law, than be so kind,dont get in the way, dont trample on our democratic rights. Cheers. FidelC

Maybe companies don’t want to pay for something that will probably be defeated. I know after awhile i would begin to wonder, ‘Why are throwing away money on a useless technology?’

Let’s hope this company goes down the toilet completely. Anyone care to speculate on how long Ripguard will last? When it gets cracked, I suspect Macrovison’s shares to take another hit.

Unfortunately this is highly unlikely, as they collect royalties from every DVD player, Graphic Card with Video Output, every DVD with APS, …

I expect the world would get by just fine without Macrovision - the company or their products.

Lets put it this way, I wouldn’t miss them much :slight_smile:

I just hope the trend continues … might send a message to other copy protection companies :wink: