Macrovision seems to target crackers more then duplicators in latest Safedisc release

I just posted the article Macrovision seems to target crackers more then duplicators in latest Safedisc release.

According to a
source close to some reverse engineers is Macrovision currently making
more efforts to protect games against cracking instead of preventing users from
making safety…

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Can we still call them “CD-ROM’s”? Or will we be needing a special, Macrovision-manufactured CD-romdrive soon to be able to read protected CD’s? :+

A virtual machine to hide the copy protection is kinda cool, but all it does is cause the crackers to become even better, makes me think virus writers should also use a VM so they can hide what they are cooking from the virus scanners even better. But I think EA and others should write better programs that work. And bother to test, now it seems all games come with copy protection called poor coding that requires 20 patches before it’s stable, and now when the people call in with computer problems the tech support people will treat them like pirates. Ok SIR, I’m going to need you to fax me a copy of the box cover before I can help you, we get a lot of 'install problems" around this time of the month, I’m also going to need a picture ID, and a major credit card.

Seems they begin use VM like StarForce does last three years. :))

It only takes one person to ‘crack’ and copy it then it’s all over the net for anyone to download with no copy protection nonsense.

AFAIK, there is no standard CD format which provides protection. Either create a new format, as clearly the CD isn’t cutting it (similar to the now-dead Dreamcast used GDs…hmm…could hold more game in there, too), which requires new drives, or just admit that you aren’t going to have protection and give up. I think the more you try to protect stuff, the more people try to reverse engineer your stuff, and when they succeed, its only helping their ego, and in that they release it for everyone to see…

I like that :slight_smile: Finally they target the problem :slight_smile: It’s not going to work… but at least we can all make backups that we can leave lying around our childrens stomping ground :slight_smile: Or in my case, my 20yr old sister.

Well, we can all make backups . . . Strange how with a law passed preventing anyone from backing up cd’s, games, etc, they still put on more and more protection. Have they no confidence in the laws that they themselves forced on us :slight_smile:

For true protection I think they’re gonna need a new CD format, I won’t say because I don’t wanna give any ideas. But you should always be able to make a backup. However, if you allow backups that weakens the protection. CD’s are very cheap to mass produce. If you send them a broken copy they should send you a replacement copy on copy protected games.

Long live !