Macrovision safedisc problem


I having this problem:

I have a Program to be run from CD. I attempted to make a copy with these softwares:

  1. Alcohol 120%
  2. Clone CD.

I was able to make a copy of the CD, but, I can’t be able to run the software from the CD. :disagree:

To provide you more information:

a) Protection on the CD is “SAFEDISC 2.9”
b) Alcohol 120% and clone cd skips “BAD READ SECTORS”

I suppost that we have hidden information on the bad sectors, that provide a software key for start to running the software.

Is you need more information I’ll be happy to provided it!

I just looking to make a backup copy from my licensed program (NOT ATTEMPTING TO DO ANY ILLEGAL THING).

Probably I need a COPIER software that can handle with this BAD SEECTORS. (MAKE A EXACT COPY OF THE DISC).

thans on advanced for your help