Macrovision Riplock a thought



Could this be it. Ive been heavily chatting with a mate who works a duplication plant in good london uk they have been testing some stuff for a client. Hes sworn to a contract etc but

Its an arcos type of protection but an altered glass master. The structure of the glass press master is altered to soften the edges of the data. So high powered laser readers who rip at say 6 times plus would get loads n loads of errors?

forcing you to effectivley rip at 1x. The protection is effectivley faster rips wouldnt see it or add errors to the data it sees. Every time it reads it it would see different data. Were currently all dvd players do read at 1x?

A simple soulution would be to force read at 1x. Im sure a whole move protected this way would have problems ripping at fast speeds but small areas done this way wouldnt.

Is this why they have had to check loads of dvd players out to make sure it works. Softening the glass master is this it?


I don’t believe it. This would cause major problems, if people want to watch DVDs on their PCs. (DVD-Roms usually read faster than 1x)