Macrovision reports again big profits



I just posted the article Macrovision reports again big profits.

While record companies claim to loose a lot of money because of digital piracy there is one company that is making good money out of it; Macrovision. They repored strong growth and their shares…

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I don’t know where Australia stands on the piracy ladder but it is interesting to know that audio cd sales were up 13% this financial year…where does the music industry get its figures…???..:4


Sherrif>>>> As with most places that think they are important, Out of the rear end. Hardly any place uses real figures nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:


Statistics can be manipulated so easily, it is not funny. Like ‘Sales were down x percent, due to piracy’. Sales of WHAT? Singles? RIAA Toilet Paper? I have some statistics, they say I buy zero cds because they are a complete rip off (except Sevendust - Animosity, going to buy this cd for sure :)).


Actually, it’s not the price of audio cds that P’s me off. It’s the prive of DVDs! I mean a DVD you may watch up to 3 or 4 times. CDs I’ll tend to listen to more, espicially if they have good tracks


Sherrif, here in australia, boardband is still not widely available. Like my area, it is 20 km from the city but I can only have 56k connection. For me I do not use any p2p software because even I find something interesting, I will have to use a WHOLE day to download it. It is a good example of how australian government use “technology” to combat piracy!! Man


@Fish I originally wanted to buy Animosity but when I saw the price I wondered if they were totally gone mad and decided to boycott it. I only could order it from Amazon for as little as 27$ :r


sorry, not dollars but euro!!! but this doesnt change anything