Macrovision replies on Key2Audio bypass methods

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Afrayem used our newssubmit to tell us that altough Macrovision is not the developer of Key2Audio, it has made a statement on their website on the recent bypassing of the protection (developed by…

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A felt tip marker!!! Didn’t put much effort into that hack did they. You can’t damage the reader by marking the disc! It doesn’t even touch it. And seeing as the data is stored beneath the plastic layer of the disc, all you’d have to to do undo any damge to the disc itself would be to wipe the mark off with ethanol!

I don’t know why they do all this efforts… Any human can break this protection. Just got a stereo (it don’t even have to have a digital out, but the quality is a lot better of course), have a cable plugged in in the stereo and your soundcard in the computer, and record the crap. Save it to MP3 and ready 2 release. I just don’t know what the industry their point is :4… I buy a cd, cant play it in my comp, cant play it in my discman, cant play it in my car. Only in my stereo. So what do I do now? Rip it to harddrive, burn a fresh one. Play it in my comp, play it in my car, play it in my discman. And yes even play it in y stereo… Protections s***

“It should be noted that using ink of any sort on the playing surface of the CD can cause loss of the entire contents of the CD” Is the best line they can come up with? We are not idiots but they must think we (consumers) are.

There are enough idiots out there that the few of us who lack that quality are over-run by the masses.

Again… WHITEBOARD MARKERS! You can just wipe off the ink after you’re done :slight_smile:

It’s like a game of Chess, there is only one winner, need I say more :4 Greetz from The Diplomat :8

Hmmmm, i didnt know that the disks actually touched the lasers… usually ink isnt that thick, they much think we are using tempera paint to hack these or something…

it is just so funny what is going on in the music industry now. i don’t know why more people don’t see it. what you have is a bunch of old fashioned record companies that are just plain stupid. you also have macrovision, which is a really smart company, with really slick marketing people. today, record companies are loosing more money than ever at the same time macrovision has more money then it knows what to do with. the real looser is the consumer.

(can cause loss of the entire contents of the CD) I’ll bet they even believe in those forward or else emails. and if you don’t forward this to 1,000,000 people in the next 10 seconds you will have 7,000 years of bad luck and your dog will piss on your great-grand-father’s grave!:+

“tuneable multi-layer security solution based on multiple patent-pending technologies” Is that techspeak for “we got egg on our face”…get another spindoctor ya dickheads or stop letting the coffee boy make statements to the media…:7

This is really bullsh*t! Just use a whiteboard-marker and wipe it off afterwards. Apparently those record-companies got scared after the media for the masses picked up this trick, so they try to scare unknowledgable people with these incorrect facts! :r

I’m not too keen on the idea of using whiteboard markers - when applied the ink dries instantly into very fine particles. Not something I would like to have inside my CD drives…

All Of this protection bullshit implies you had to BUY the CD to begin with which I haven’t had to do in about 2 yrs!!..LOL :4

What I read was: “…Macrovision strongly encourages you to cease outwitting our pseudo-talented engineers and instead tremble and bow before the fearsome spectacle of the insensibly wealthy moguls and conglomerates trying desperately to control your minds…”

Are these guys High? A “using ink of any sort on the playing surface of the CD can cause loss of the entire contents of the CD. Introducing ink or foreign materials on the playing surface of a CD can also damage the CD player reading device.” Yea the felt pin ink will melt your cd, then fall on the floor, then eat its way to the center of the earth.

“when applied the ink dries instantly into very fine particles. Not something I would like to have inside my CD drives…” I experimented with it, and it works fine :slight_smile: I use a Staedtler Dry Safe Ink marker, and it hold perfectly, does not affect the cd and wipes off easily afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue: I also invalidates track quite effectivly, so if you ‘mark out’ too much, just wipe and try again :8

If these guys spoke to us (especially us) honestly we would take them more serious. They talk to us like we are idiots - in this they are making a grand mistake. The real loser is the consumer?? No, the real loser is the artist & musician who has always been fighting for thier money from record companies. Too much in the way of putting food on an artists table & he might have to get another job. It is going to become an artist/musicians market bypassing the middleman. People will eventually buy music becuase they like it - not cause it was crammed down thier throat. & the artist will not be so uptight with letting the trading & stuff going on becuase they will be more than faily compensated by removing the “old model” middleman. I heard that David Bowie released his last Cd of music totally inspired by his own recordings of performances that were being traded online - imagine that?

This is just Macrovision just trying to save face after they discover their copy protection is defeatable by a marker. But I do like the scare tactic they use… “Consumers should be aware that any damaged media or corrupted media files caused by this hack may void any warranties for such media”. Come on guys, you gotta do better than that! :4