Macrovision poised with dud tracks to thwart P2P song swappers

I just posted the article Macrovision poised with dud tracks to thwart P2P song swappers.

heystoopid used our news submit to tell us "Well, it seems, that a number of artists, are upset about prepublicity internet and p2p sharing of new albums, prior to official music label publicity…

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I thought it said dub not dud… A dub mix would work, some remixed instrumental to wet your appetite for the official album release.

LOL, I did not get at first what is “dud.” :B

Nothing to see in here? Nope. Just another hiphop-artist ‘ripped’. 13 out of 12 morons can HIP that same tune again :stuck_out_tongue:

That wannabe rapper in the picture reminded me of a giant douche. Well, at least he’s cleaner than me. :+

I look forward to the day when rap is no longer on the music scene. It’s full of posers showing off all their jewelry and cars. It’s boring and predictable. Wearing basketball clothes went out in the early 90’s!

RAP = CRAP! We all know that! And for God’s sake do away with this “I’m a nigga and I hate everybody cause everybody hate me” ST! I swear to God if I hear another rapping, pharking moron trying to look tough by licking his lips (as if he has a pharking sore), overwhelmed with jewerly, and claiming that everyone hates him - I’ll pharking give the F*KER a knuckle sandwich for breakfast… If the cops hate you don’t pharking blame the rest of the community…But then again, nobody likes the cops anyway…:B


They still don’t get it. I hates dat rap. (I was going to make a rap song for my reactnow but I caught myself)