Macrovision licenses over 200 DVD manufacturers

I just posted the article Macrovision licenses over 200 DVD manufacturers.

In a press release on Yahoo we can read the Macrvision has licensed 200 DVD manufacturers world-wide to use their DVD copy protection technology.

This protection is built in the hardware of…

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To get rid of the rubbish protection scheme: or: or: or: or build your own at: This rubbish only effects VHS. If you have a Hi-8 VCR, you can record to these tapes with no side effect. You could also try some older VCRs that do not suffer from the AGC defect deliberately introduced to the VHS spec to permit this scheme, or get the circuit diagram of your VCR and modify the AGC response time.

Check out this site for a video stabilizer:

I bought a cheap RAITE standalone DVDplayer (179 U$) and with pressing some keys on the remote you can switch off Macrovision. BTW. Macrovision is already present in all VCRs, so that’s nothing new.

Do most DVD players have the ability to turn off Macrovision? Is there a listing somewhere? Thanks,

I´ve got a Sampo DVD-560. With pressing some keys you can turn off macrovision, switch it to region free ond a few other things.:d The same are the Yamakawa-Aphile players.