Macrovision is obselete, Starforce (and Tages!?) can't be copied

I just posted the article Macrovision is obselete, Starforce (and Tages!?) can’t be copied.

I’ve spoken to more developers and according to all of them, there is sad news. There will be no software able to make a 1:1 copy of Starforce (and Tages!?) protected CDs.

Because the Starforce…

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Goddammit… I’m getting sooo sick and tired of these lame copy-protections… When will they ever understand that which was made by man will also be cracked by man? They can stick their shit where the sun don’t shine… :frowning:

haha, I will open a shop and sell media for any different game which is compatible, hahaha

I’d like to know exactly what sort of signature is left on the disk, not a data one? What? I reckon we’ll burn it soon enough.

If it can be read, it can be burned.

If it can be read, it can be burned.
Another thread on the deamon tools said that your sentence is not right Fish. The new one should be, for what I understand: “What can be read, can be burned on the same media.” But ofcourse we talk here about 1:1 backups, not about ilegally cracked copies…

People once said DC games couldn’t be copied because it was on special media. Look at it now. :d Too bad it’s dead. IMO it is the best console out there, including PS2/XBOX/GameCube.

Has this technology been released in North America? Which games have been protected with? Is safedisc 2 still going to be used?

All a cd contains is 0, 1, or lack of data for every bit on the cd. So why not just copy the damn thing bit by bit? I was seriously going to make a program to do that years ago, but CloneCD came out :slight_smile: and it worked well so I said fuck CarbonCopy (the program myself and friend embarked on creating). I am not sure if bit by bit shit is possible, but it is an idea…Olli save us again and keep me from actually thinking of making CarbonCopy, yet another burning program, among many, that does not work completely…:wink:

The reason this crap cannot be burned is because the burners simply cannot write the way the cd-press machines press the discs. The protected sectors of the disc return diffirent values depending on how they are read. After reading these sectors again x times a value is computed to see if this is the original disc. Think of it like one of these things to get lint off your clothes. Look at i one way and it’s dark, look at i another and its light. So what the burner would need to do is burn say two values for each sector. This is of course not possible (yet). Maybe if one rewrote the firmware for a reader and write oneself could one achive this but I doubt it. Emulation is possible, imaging to. Also a working backup with a cracked exe, however a 1-1 image is not possible, well rather I don’t see how it could be done… ask Oliver maybe ;). // swede_242

OK that makes sense, thanks for clearing that stuff up…damn those bastards, I have the right to backup my shit, especially if it costs me fucking ~$15 to ~$50 a cd and I do not want the original cd destroyed at the hands of my idiotic brother.

FISH: The bit by bit isn’t the problem. The image may work ok… it’s the burning thats the prob. No matter what you do the burner cannot burn as is needed, it’s like trying to get a black and white printer to print colour, sure it’s the right picture but it’s grey. The trouble as I understand iy is this. Say you read the bits x times to get the key y. Now say x i 5 and y is 10. Now even if you know the y is 10 you need the software to arrive at this result only after x attempts not x-1 or x+1, so after 5 attempts. No more no less. So a perfectly correct cd that was read right the first time would still be detected as fake. Well this is whatI have gathered although this is not my field of expertise so I might have misunderstood the protection. // swede_242

who cares about 1to1 copies when you can crack them I dun care about PC games anyway

Man will never Fly, right? :wink:

1677256: Man can’t fly… planes can… unless maybe you know something I don’t. // swede_242

I’ll miss 1:1 copies but hy, in many ways, cracked versions are preferable anyways. Look at these examples: 1) Civilization III includes SecuROM, weak sectors, and bad sectors for copy protection. Now, I own this game because I support Sid Meier but I play a cracked copy. These copy protection measures cause the game to crash on boot literally 9 times out of 10. And I hate swapping CDs. I do have a 1:1 backup of Civ3 but I prefer the crack. 2) I own a number of audio CDs including Garbage, Bush, ICP, Nirvana, etc… I support these bands. But I don’t listen to the CDs I bought. I listen to MP3 rips I made and tons of downloads. I don’t want to play a 1:1 copy of a CD, I wanna hear the music, in a playlist, off my hard drive. 3) DVDs force you to watch an FBI warning. Why would I want a 1:1 copy of that? If I back up a DVD, I’m gonna remove the FBI warning, and region codes first. There’s work to go in terms of DVD back-ups but as DVD burners come out, it’ll get easier. Who cares if it plays in a DVD player? If it plays on my computer, I can watch it on my TV. That hardware cost me $99. Let’s face it, 1:1 copies were the goal primarily because that was what the industry most directly denied us. It was the challenge. So 1:1 copies may be made impossible? So what? A big part of the reason we want copies is the way the industry uses its formats to restrict our use. 1:1 copies perfectly preserve the most obnoxious of those restrictions. I’ll stick to my personally enhanced back-ups.

One last word on this topic its called (Reverse Engineering) There are far more talented hackers out there that will rip this and any future copy protection too bits :4 Greetz from The Diplomat :8

If it can be created,… It can be destroyed. Wait patiently a solution/workaround is brewing as we rant and rave, just check this site daily.

Reverse engineering any protection takes time and money. If the software is only protected by a simple scheme, maybe 5 minutes of a crackers’ time and next to no money are needed to break the system. But, consider a system like StarForce – the protection is applied at the CD mastering plant before the glass master is made (see the StarForce site for all the details). As far as we know, no CD-R unit for home use can duplicate bad blocks exactly the same way the mastering plant’s process can. The main thing is the money issue. For most crackers, time is not a problem. They crack because they like the challenge and because ripping a program apart and analyzing how it works without source code is fun. But cracking something like StarForce takes time. Time which most of us spend working so we can buy spindles of CD-Rs and new games to play. Also, some of the tools needed to crack these protections are costly (if you don’t ‘borrow’ things like SoftIce, IDA, etc.) and may not work every time (anti SoftIce tricks, packers, slow RSA with 2048 bit keys, and the list goes on). Thanks to all the crackers who are working on these schemes right now! :slight_smile: If it weren’t for the original SecuROM and SafeDisc cracks, programs like CloneCD might not be able to make backups that don’t need you to keep these cracks on separate disks (that get lost).

My god you all are buying this crap?!! Remember cdcops? The protection that was applied at the mastering plant as well, the protection that even Ollie himself at one time said he didn’t know if he would be able to beat it. Well guess what cdcops is a very cloneable protection now! This is the same crap! The trick is buy clonecd support Ollie and he will beat these, my god its only a protection, if a cd can be read it can be burned. Plain and simple. I’ve said my peace.