Macrovision hits P2P with DoS attacks and improves CD DRM

I just posted the article Macrovision hits P2P with DoS attacks and improves CD DRM.

 Macrovision is ready to launch its new CD copy  protection system in the upcoming weeks.   Unlike previous CD anti-copy measures,  Macrovision's system allows the consumer to make a limited...
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I’ve no idea on the legallity but I’m just wondering what actually IS the legallity of somone performing DoS attacks?

There are no specific laws against a DOS attack that im aware of

Some employee downloads copyrighted content using his company’s corporate network… MV launches a DoS attack against this company, thinking it’s just a home computer… Imagine what happens next !!!

For those who don’t know DoS = Denial of Service. This has been around for years and hackers and the like have always got around it:B It’s nothing new and it will be hacked no matter what.:wink: Greetz Intercept:S

You can’t fully close the analogue loophole without changing the hardware we listen and view things on.
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Downloading (or uploading) copyrighted content from a computer at work is dangerous. Most companies now have policies on computer use that forbids such activity, under threat of termination. Many companies closely monitor employee’s computer usage. My previous employer did just that. My email was read, websites I visited were monitored and some were subsequently firewalled (no, none were pron), my phone calls were monitored, files I saved locally on my hard drive were also secretly automatically saved (lanman redirector) on the boss’ subdirectory on the server, and I had only restricted user priviliges (could not install or uninstall anything) on my own computer, and the network admin was constantly messing with my computer before I got there in the morning. And I was the company’s sales manager! I don’t work there any more. Anyway, how the hell do they plan to close the analog hole? How is their system going to enable their CD to play on an older CD player, and yet not be subject to ripping by EAC or whatever? And they will bypass the shift-key? Does that mean they will install some driver on your machine using some other technique? Man, I’m glad I have autorun and autoplay disabled.

I’m laughing at this technology. My fair use rights allow me to make a backup and I can’t wait to use the soon-to-be released crack, method, or circumvention that will allow me to do what we’ve had the right to do for centuries under proper copyright laws.

the battle marches on…

as it always will…:r