Macrovision elimination?

Hello, I am in need of basic help about macrovision elimination. I have a panasonic dmrex75 dvdhdd recorder, unfortunately for its price i cannot get it do do much. I was hoping to put some of my movies which i have online onto dvd and also make backups of couple of my dvds.
I cannot seem to connect my computer to it (unless i just havent figured out a way) so thought perhaps I cld save the movies onto sd cards(which the machine can play) and then record those. Would this work?
I am discovering that many of my dvds bought from blockbuster which were ex rentals are protected. I have invested in smart leads -IS pro gold. But the machine is still saying cannot copy protected disc.I am realising that perhaps the video is not actually channelled through the leads and via the tv but simply directly from the recoredr itself, hence macrovision not eliminated.
What can i do? I do not have a dvd burner on my pc but perhaps i should get an external one, would i be able to find a way of copying my movies this way?

buy a burner…prolly…$30…get anydvd or ripit4me/dvd decrypter and youll be golden…:slight_smile: