Macrovision develops SafeAuthenticate -Another boring protection

I just posted the article Macrovision develops SafeAuthenticate -Another boring protection.

Our friends from Macrovision, developers of the widely used SafeDisc copy protection and developer of protections used on DVDs and VHS tapes has today announced a new product called…

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If you can play it you can rip it :smiley: I always ask my self when i read about new protections are they stupid or what every time they got cracked and then its on to the next(expensive)protection. It`s all just a matter of time…

as long as there’s audio coming from your computer’s soundcard, you can record it. simple.

This still doesn’t appear to be satisfactory. What about users with Os’s like Linux of MAC’s? I doubt they put executables that run on those OS’s, but who knows.

As long as companies, such as Plextor, Yamaha, and now even LiteOn (latest firmware VS08), spend time on making drives able to rip copy protected audio discs, Macrovision will lose… @RDJ: Yes, I think they are stupid.