Macrovision copy protected music tracks surpass 2 billion

I just posted the article Macrovision copy protected music tracks surpass 2 billion.

Submitted by Webitpr:Macrovision Corporation, the world’s leading provider of content
protection and security technologies, announced today that the number of
protected tracks distributed on…

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There might be 2 billion copy-protected tracks, but people still ain’t buying them I will never buy a copy-protected CD, and if I did so by accident, I’d take it back to the stor for a refund.

Macrovision is happy… more money Labels try to be happy… Consumers are happy too because Use Lite-On or Plextor and CloneCD or Alcohol or… it’s not a problem having a backup copy of your cd…

About CDS Macrovision produces 'dual session" music CDs that contain both 'red book" audio files, which play on traditional music playback devices and car stereos, and 'second session" data files that can be played on a consumer’s PC. I can play(read Plextor rules :B)my 2 session corrupted round pieces of plastic on what ever I want. HELLO PLEXTOR!/gs.