Macrovision claims 99% effective DRM with CDS 300 v7α

I just posted the article Macrovision claims 99% effective DRM with CDS 300 v7α.


is working on version 7 of its CDS 300 DRM protection system for audio CDs
and claims that its alpha testing stage has reached 99% effective at blocking the 15 most …

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So portable mp3 player o mine will be useless to me now??? Yay fair use copys, Booo no ripping. So they added errors to the data, the music? I don’t really like the restrictions being put on people. Sounds like a compromise to me. Edit… Once again forced to use a Microsoft product… ONLY PLAYS ON WMP!! Silly Billy must like lawsuits.
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yeah, 99% effective in the lab… wait till that crap gets released into the wild… cracked in 5 min:d

Do what I do, buy these copy protected discs, and then keep returning copy after copy after copy to the store as defective! If enough people do it they will get the point! If I buy a disc I have the right to rip it and use the songs (the full song at MAX quality)!

I only see this two ways. If the random noise does not show up when you play it in a cd player then that means the CD player uses the error correction codes to fix the error. A little adjusting of the ripping software will handle that. If part of the copy protection is that the error codes are wrong too this means the random noise will more then likly be present even if your playing the CD legally, and yet again a little adjustment of the source code would probably get around that too. It always has before. Neverthless the hacker still has free music in the end, and the person that actually buys the music legally is left with an inferior product. That’s the reason the RIAA is losing money, because your screwing the people that actually pay money for your product while the true hackers just hack right through your so called protection. So many people I know have stopped buying CD’s because they purchase a copy-protected CD and then it doesn’t work in their car. And they ask me, what do I have to do to get this to play in my car and I tell them, forget CD’s just download it off the net. After that they’re like screw it, if I have to download it off the net anyway to get it to work, why bother buying it. Then they never buy anymore.

I don’t think the RIAA understands that it only takes one copy of cd to propagate all over the 'net. Copy protections no good when you can just go and download it. What good does copy protecting cd’s from the store do. I can’t remember the last time i copied one for someone else. I just tend to download it instead. Just because i’m too lazy to rip it.

Die Macrovision! :d

If they “introduce error in the data” it means the put rubbish into the signal, so music comes out due to the error correction and quality depends on it, but will allways be affected. This was not the standard, or allowed by it! They pretend to sell music Cds at CD didital audio prices and turn out selling CD-Roms with crap into the music. And they avoid the payment according to the standard. Who is the starting pirate out there? And what about “limited fair use copies” not allowed to Europe? If I can make a private copy according to local Law, how can they take it away? Just don’t buy the stuff !!!:S

I’ll buy it,I’ll rip it ,I’ll put it on the internet and then I’ll bring that cd back to the store and ask for a refund because it doesn’t play in my car stereo.:d If they cheat me,I’ll cheat them… :B

“This version adds errors to the audio” They are putting errors in and they want us to go out and buy it. Nice I’m on my way now to get me that CD. But please keep up the good work there Macroscum. If you did not give us new challenges, we would get bored. :X

you are THE MAN, roadworker!:slight_smile:

“If you did not give us new challenges, we would get bored” But for the average consumer without knowledge of this stuff, the situation only worsens.

The FUNNY thing is… Most music is available on P2P networks BEFORE its released. before it’s “protected” in other words… So what’s this gonna do about that?

@Lacrymator- "Most music is available on P2P networks BEFORE its released. before it’s “protected” in other words… So what’s this gonna do about that? I guess that’s what Orifice Hatch is working on killing P2P. INDUCE Act.
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Quite right there :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure some users will delibertly go out to get of their way to purchase copy-protected music in an aim to extract its contents and share it, while many loyal music buyers will get the punishment. One thing I would recommend music buyers start saying to themselves: Am I buying this just because it is in the charts and on the radio? Will this CD be left gathering dust on the shelf like my ‘last year’ purchases? Or should I purchase something more worth while like some good ol’ 80’s? :d

[I]Die Macrovision![/I] Crabby - be nice! Die Macrovision! :d :d :d

“This version adds errors to the audio, which means that if the user does manage to rip the audio, the resulting tracks would contain random noise.” Adding errors to the actual Audio, does not sound to me like CDs200 Sub Channel errors + C2 Hardware errors, it sounds like they take the Audio Image file and add some errors in sectors (not really possible with RAW PCM) which means it is tiny clicks…bottom line is that it is physically impossible to add errors to the actual audio. All Audio/CDDA is on a CD (or in a CD image) are the wave/aiff files w/o the header it is simply 100% RAW PCM DATA…no sectors or anything, sure you can add errors they will result in clicks that you’ll hear when you play it. CDS so-called technology/corruption is more accurate was never copy protection, we define true copy protection as an encryption high-level algorithm, this is a bunch of nuts adding deliberate errors to an excellent technology. If you want true encryption then go to DVDA or SACD or any file system that allows it. MacroVison got their name and money from APS (AKA MacroVison) where they took advantage of Video Signals and added corruption to it (not encryption or any high-end protection) which to this day lowers video quality and causes problems with many TVs. Sadly MacroVison’s Video and now Audio corruptions are only around because people buy them…stop buying them and these people will be out of business. The saddest issue is they aren’t stopping the pirates, they are fucking good everyday consumers…Hollywood sucks and so does the RIAA to hell with both those liberal cock suckers! MacroVision are masters of errors and corruption. SunnComm are masters of stupid protection that either doesn’t work or has awful compatibity.

This shit is bad enough, but the assholes have now bought Installshield, which now installs scumware on your PC which it never did before. This shit has to stop, and the only way it will is for everybody to stand up and tell them to cram it up their collective asses.