Macrovision buys developer of BD+ copy protection

I just posted the article Macrovision buys developer of BD+ copy protection.

Macrovision has announced today that it wants to buy self-protecting digital content technology assets from Cryptography Research, which assets are used in Blu-ray technology. With the buy…

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So a snake oil manufacturer buys another company’s snake oil technology. I guess it makes sense.

why do they bother, someone will always crack these protections. Why dont the studios just save there money then we could say bye bye to macrovision

Someone remind me, just how are macrovision still in business? has any single “protection” of theirs ever been sucessful?
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As long as people buy DRM infected JUNK there will be companies like this out there. When sales of consumer electronics drop 80% and people send hateful emails to corporate CEOs there will be no more DRM. I give them 5 years max before electronics companies give in. You have to boycott all of the following: Blu-Ray HD DVD DVD HDTV Ipod Iphone Zune WMA WMV Nintendo Sony Microsoft Toshiba Hitachi Panasonic Itunes Napster Comcast Verizon DIVX Hollywood Software companies The music companies ALL products and companies with DRM. No matter what. No matter how little DRM boycott it ALL. Boycott ALL watermark junk too. That “analog rights management” is just DRM on steroids. The problem with hacking is that companies (usually) make money and that just encourages them to make more DRM garbage.