Macrovision announces SafeDisc for Mac OS X

I just posted the article Macrovision announces SafeDisc for Mac OS X.

It seems that Macrovision is not afraid of the future. Did we not long ago report that Macrovision will also protect CDs under Linux, now they will also protect CDs for Mac OS X.

For PC…

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I think that people with MAC OS/X will not have a problem, probably someone in a short time will port CDRDAO to that OS coz is based on UNIX

They also could install Linux on their MAC

are there any mac users that really pirate as much software as windows users? i always assumed that mac users bought all their software. they seem to be able to afford it. hehe.

Yeah no shit, I know a few Mac users myself and they buy all their software and NEVER share. So I don’t think the majority of Mac users would care if you can or cannot copy Mac software.

mac on mac. :slight_smile: seriously though, why should this bother mac users? if you have enough money to buy a mac, you sould be able to buy real software.