Macrovision announces SafeDisc DVD-ROM copy protection

I just posted the article Macrovision announces SafeDisc DVD-ROM copy protection.

LOS ANGELES at E3 - May 14, 2003 - Macrovision
Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), the leading provider of copy protection and digital
rights management ('DRM") technologies, today unveiled its new…

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sounds nice, but: 1) all those cool options won’t work for sure 2) it will be cracked after an hour 3) we will be able to clone it after two hours :r :B :+

This could be interesting, the DVD format obviously differs from the CD format, so there are more previously unexplored possibilities for protection for MacroVision to play around with. In addition, DVD writers are relatively new beats, and have not yet reached the same level of technical competancy as CDRWs. This is also an opportune time for Macrovision to implement new weak sectors. However, all of the recent games I have bought have still been in CD-ROM format, and the 650MB limit per CD is still sufficient for many developers. In addition, surprisingly few users have PC-DVD drives. I think it will be a long while before SafeDisc DVD is used on a routine basis. By then CloneDVD will probably be available, and the never-ending battle will start all over again. And most users still won’t have grown up to the fact that it is time to start paying for software rather than copying it, or “making legal backups” as some CDFreaks users DO actually use it for. And CloneDVD will probably suffer from mass-piracy YET AGAIN… and so the world goes round. Sigh.

And I guess you’ll be the one to do all of this. You’re going crack the game and be the first to develop the software to ‘clone’ the game? I don’t disagree with you that the protection won’t be defeated in some way, but what I can’t stand are people who post arrogant comments like yours, that make it sound like they are the ones who are going to be one who defeats the protection. I would say it’s a given that any protection that comes out, short of online activiation like Microsoft’s XP Windows product, is going to prevent copying and use of the software. I don’t see the need for statements that already state of obvious.

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What everyone including the kill joys have to look at is this. I am a warez user and mostly due to fact that I dont have $2000 dollars to spend on the next greatest server software so I can study for cert tests but when it comes to games the manufacturers are suffering from same thing the RIAA and its members are doing. Putting out losts of generic crap. You can look for the reviews and try your best to screen out the 23,000+ EE (empire earth) clones but its comes down to one thing. The cracking of software allows people to look before they buy. As yes with most games I do buy if I like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but lets refrain from parenting people here. If its your opinion own up to it.

“As yes with most games I do buy if I like it” Yes, sure you do. No matter how “generic” the “crap” is, it doesn’t give you the right to pirate it so you can “try before you buy”. If you dislike the product, don’t buy it. You clearly have no understanding of the hard work and capital which goes into making games, if you did, you’d pay for them.

lol sure safedisk is realy safe