Macrovision announces SafeAudio Version 3

I just posted the article Macrovision announces SafeAudio Version 3.

Macrovision, the company behind SafeAudio, SafeDisc and also VHS and DVD copy protections has today announced version 3 of their audio CD copy protection SafeAudio.

The latest changes seem…

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I thought it was every consumers legal right to make a personal backup…!? Aren’t they the ones braking the law then, trying to take away one of our rights?

im never gonna buy a protected CD…ever. Why would i want to when i can get a ripped copy of it which i can use how i want too. I suppose its a good excuse to take the cd back.

Yes it is your Right to make a backup copy. And Yes They ARE Infringing on our Rights to make backups! and yes they consider you guilty till proven innocent!

Thermobarric said: “All copy protection will be beaten and we will hear about it here first”

And I thought they had too many problems with their previous versions!

If they persist in this folly then they will be responsible for their own lost sales. All one needs to do these days is buy the CD and after making a copy return it to the store complaining about the copy protection and you will receive a refund. :o