Macrovision announces licence agreement for Windows Media Data Session Toolkit



I just posted the article Macrovision announces licence agreement for Windows Media Data Session Toolkit.

Webitpr used our news submit to tell us that Macrovision, world’s leading developer of
copy-protection technology, has announced today a licence agreement with Microsoft. The

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how is this different to current dual session discs?


M$ DRM. You will be able to play the audio on your PC you just cannot copy it and share it.


Doesn’t any of the software that allows you to select a session to read work anymore? I remember an old version of Easy CD Creator (or was it Easy CD Pro) had a session selector utility that would let you read whichever session you wanted no matter how many were on the disc. I’ll have to dig it out and see if it still works with today’s drives (I can always set up an old machine with Windows 95 anyway, and I still have drives I know it worked on, they’re just slow)


since you can’t put the same amount of data on a cd twice without reducing the quality, the audio tracks for the pc will be compressed and won’t have the same quality as audio tracks. meaning if you play the cd in a normal player, you’ll get perfect quality, while if you play them on pc you will hear 96 kbs wma files, which is total crap. on the other hand, if you download music from kazaa in wav quality and burn them on cd, you can play the cd in perfect quality on all players incl. the computer. this, apart from the fact that downloading music from fasttrack costs nothing. now guess what most people will do.


@wrfan: i agree, they’re trying to push us into a corner, and downloading is going to become a much easier solution in a lot of cases. Don’t they learn? Besides, if i can’t listen to the music in my pc, the cd doesn’t get bought (if you can consider it a cd)


Who cares … DRM is NOTHING with Linux :d