Macrovision and Midbar join forces: perfect audio protection?

I just posted the article Macrovision and Midbar join forces: perfect audio protection?.

jsl points us to an article on ZDNet in which Macrovision (creator of the popular SafeDisc and SafeAudio protections for instance) and Midbar Tech (creator of the Cactus Data Shield audio…

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What they did not learn is that customers want no copy-protection at all! What could offer more “flexibility” than standard audio-CDs?

silly silly Macrovision… when will they learn that, at most, they’ll only succeed in stopping the casual CD ripper, or the average consumer? the smart people (read: CD-Freaks) will not be stopped. :wink:

MWHAHAHAHAH they never learn dont they?

It will have very little impact on filesharing as the there will (always) be a few file sharers a step ahead. But for the consumers, it’s trouble! i.e. Most would say: Should I purchase a restricted CD or just get an unrestricted copy off the web. :wink: With most users unable to distinguish a 128kbps MP3 from the original, adding copyprotection will most likely encourage even rich customers to switch to downloading to get unrestricted music even if they can well afford the CDs. Oops.

what if i have a digital out on my player, and a digital in on my pc?

Assuming you have an option on your soundcard to ignore the copyright flag on digital in, this should be possible too. :slight_smile:

“Listeners will not be able to make unrestricted copies of these alternate digital files” Total recorder? :4 Well of course, it won’t need that as if it can be read by a computer then it’s gonna be easy as $hit to rip at full quality!

This seems easy… Can’t you take the track made for regular CD Players (for compatibility) and just rip those with your PC? I may be wrong or missing something… Just a thought here.