Macrovision and InterVideo joining forces: video copy-protection

I just posted the article Macrovision and InterVideo joining forces: video copy-protection.

A while ago we already reported on Macrovision, creator of the popular SafeDisc copy-protection, and Israel-based Midbar Tech joining forces. Together they plan on creating perfect (?) audio…

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this is a marriage that deserves a quick divorce.:slight_smile: btw:movielink’s copy-protection has been broken.:d

also:does anybody know if windvd platinum contains this protection?

macrovision is easily disabled. it’s not dangerous. I have hardware and software macrovision decoders, and they work just fine, esp. the software one, which disables macrovision for my hollywood+ decoder card. So I simply continue using my hollywood+ for copying dvds and windvd I’ll use to watch dvds on pc, then macrovision doesn’t even kick in, it only kicks in when you try to copy vhs/dvds