Macrovision 2nd-quarter profit rises, guides lower

I just posted the article Macrovision 2nd-quarter profit rises, guides lower.

Macrovision reported a larger net profit for the second quarter yesterday. The company who makes copy protections for VHS tapes, CDs (SafeDisc, SafeAudio) and DVDs is however concerned about…

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So if Macrovision goes out of buisness will DVDs be legally copyable :stuck_out_tongue: Just a dream :wink:

I love to see Macrovision fail. They have a right to stay in business as well as people have a right to bypass their copy protections. But I still would like to see them go out of business so copying things will be easier.

Lets keep the maths simple so even CEO’s can understand… There are more people buying media than work at macrovision…when these people get pissed off enough and don’t buy the media, macrovision won’t have to worry about profits…there won’t be any…:7

I’m so glad for their healthy profits, and - ahhh - bless 'em, their having to be cautious at the moment, wot a shame. I do hope things get better for them - c’mon letz have a whip round ! :4

I hope they do stay in business! I mean all their protections have already been beaten, so there’s no new surprises. All we need is a new standard to protect DVDs and all hell will break loose… for a little while anyways until it is figured out.